Statement from Kanonhysonne (Janice Hill), Associate Vice-Principal (Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation), Office of Indigenous Initiatives

June 30, 2020

I was deeply disturbed to learn of the act of vandalism at Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre. It disappoints and saddens me to hear of yet more acts of hatred and violence directed towards Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ members of our community. The flags, which were cut up and destroyed, were hung in response to the Chown Hall incident that took place last fall in support of not only the students impacted by the incident but also in support of the broader Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ community here at Queen’s.

It’s disheartening to continue to see these acts of hate, homophobia and racism take place at Queen’s University. We are once again reminded that homophobia and racism are alive and well in our community. I strongly condemn this act of hate and I want to re-iterate my commitment to educating others and creating change at Queen’s and within the Queen’s community. I will continue to work with senior administration as we work to identify those responsible for this act.  I also want to let students, staff and faculty know that I am here to support and work with each of you. Together we can and will overcome this.