Students Study in a Library on Campus.
Students attend a lecture in a classroom on campus
Students study Art Conservation
Students and Guests attend Arts and Science Majors Night
Chemistry Students attend a lab in Chernoff Hall
Science Rendezvous!
Richardson Hall

Teaching and Learning at Queen's

Queen’s recognizes that the teaching and learning landscape is shifting in exciting new directions and if we are to remain successful in providing the ultimate transformative student learning experience, we must continue to identify and implement new opportunities that build on our strong foundations. This work is achieved through innovative solutions, such as active and collaborative learning techniques, rethinking classroom spaces, and implementing alternative program delivery methods to better reflect the opportunities of the digital age. We are also working to expand the diversity of credentials, as well as experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities that will foster the skills needed for our students to be successful in today’s increasingly diverse labour market.Queen’s vision is to continue to exemplify the quintessential balanced academy: a research-intensive university with a transformative student learning experience. As such, Queen’s is committed to strengthening and expanding its high-quality educational programming by promoting excellence in teaching while providing our students with innovative learning experiences that prepare them to be lifelong learners in the 21st century. 



Review membership, terms of reference and meeting dates for important teaching and learning related committees.

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Find out which exciting initiatives the Teaching and Learning Office is currently working on.

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Find out what resources and guidelines have been developed to assist faculties and departments.

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