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Teaching and Learning During COVID-19 VPTL Resources Exam and Syllabus Statements

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Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) - Teaching and Learning

  1. VPTL Guidelines
    • Remote Proctoring Tools
      • Guidelines for the Use of Remote Proctoring Tools
      • Remote Proctoring Syllabus Statements
      • Retention of Video Recordings from Online Proctoring Tools
    • Teaching during COVID-19 (for Instructors)
      • Transition to Remote Teaching and Learning
      • Guiding Principles for Effective Synchronous Teaching
      • Academic Accommodations and Accessibility
      • Final Assessment Period in the Fall Term
      • Classroom Utilization Guidelines
      • Guidelines for Academic Consideration
    • Learning During COVID-19 (for Students)
      • Student Learning during the COVID Pandemic: Preparing for Remote Learning
      • Classroom Utilization Guidelines
  2. Exam and Syllabus Statements
    • Exam Statements
      • Academic Integrity
    • Syllabus Statements
      • Communication and Privacy
      • Remote Proctoring
      • Recording Synchronous (Live) Classes
      • Academic Accommodations
  3. Web Resources

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

  1. Remote Instruction
    • Planning for Remote Instruction
    • Teaching Tools
    • Principals of Academic Adjustments to Courses
    • Useful Resources
  2. Designing Remote Final Exams
  3. Teaching and Learning Spaces Fall 2020
    • Guiding Principles for Classroom Use
    • Classroom Capacities and Seating Plans
    • Classroom Technology
    • Fall University Space Booking Requests

Records Management and Privacy Office

  1. Privacy and Remote Teaching and Learning
    • Notice of Recording

Office of the University Registrar (OUR)

  1. Exams Services: Remote Proctoring
    • Guidelines
      • Guidelines for Online Remote Proctored Exams
      • Syllabus Text for Instructors relating to Remote Proctored Exams
    • Online Proctoring Platforms
      • Proctortrack
      • Examity
      • Technical Requirements
    • User Guides
    • Privacy and Security
    • Contacts
    • FAQs- General
    • FAQs - Proctortrack
    • FAQs - Examity
    • Communication

Information Technology Services (ITS)

  1. Remote Proctoring Solutions
  2. Examity Service Page
  3. Proctortrack Service Page

Student Academic Success Services (SASS)

  1. Making it work...at home
  2. Fall Services and Programs: FAQ's

Student Wellness Services (SWS)

  1. Home Page
    • Fall 2020 Updates
  2. Academic Accommodation and Online Exams