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Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

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Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)

[photo of Jill Scott]The quality of Queen’s student learning experience is reflective, in large part, of the university’s outstanding students, staff and faculty. It is their continued engagement that is at the core of Jill Scott’s work as vice-provost (teaching and learning)

“I  want every student at Queen’s to have a transformative learning experience, and that is my work as vice-provost. I want them to leave with advanced transferable skills in critical thinking, problem solving and communication – seeing themselves and the world through a new, broader lens. And I want them to leave as experts and lifelong learners.”

Dr. Scott joined Queen’s in 2001 and has worked as a professor, acting associate head and undergraduate chair in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and was also cross-appointed to gender studies. Dr. Scott has taught German language and literature, as well as a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses on cross-cultural conflict and human rights. Her research encompasses projects in teaching and learning and learning in higher education, as well as Indigenous studies. 

In May 2013, she was appointed vice-provost (teaching and learning) and has since worked closely with the provost and vice-principal (academic) in a variety of areas related to the student learning experience, including learning outcomes development, educational technologies, online learning, student mobility, quality assurance and new programs. She also oversees the work of the Centre for Teaching and Learning in supporting improvements to the student learning experience and excellence in teaching at Queen’s.

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Denise Stockley

[Photo of Denise Stockley]

Professor and Scholar in Higher Education

Denise Stockley completed her Doctorate in the Psychology of Education at Simon Fraser University and since that time has accumulated extensive experience in promoting both classroom-based and online learning.

“The idea of creating individual learning opportunities, recognizing that each person learns differently – all those things are what play out in my work now. The assumption that we have to transmit knowledge through a traditional lecture is not the assumption now. Now the idea is that there are other ways for people to learn, and sometimes those ways are out of our comfort zone.”

Dr. Stockley joined Queen’s University in January 2001. She is currently a Professor and Scholar in Higher Education with the Office of the Provost (Teaching and Learning Portfolio) and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Her current research focuses on how we create environments that promote learning. She is studying the impact of national teaching awards, research ethics training, and competency based medical education to name just a few of her projects. More recently, she co-edited a book entitled Influencing the Quality, Risk and Safety Movement in Healthcare: In Conversation with International Leaders.  She is the Principal Investigator of several research grants in a variety of areas including those from the Tri-Council (SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR) and from the Networks of Centre of Excellence (NCE). 

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Natalie Simper

[Photo of Natalie Simper]Natalie Simper manages multiple research projects pertaining to student learning and assessment. The projects involve the development and measurement of cognitive and meta-cognitive skills. Natalie comes from an Australian teaching background, with experience in curriculum development, large-scale assessment, and evaluation. Her research interests include assessment and evaluations, learning outcomes, and cognitive and meta-cognitive processes. Arts education is a continuing passion; Natalie has been actively involved as a board member with the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, a community arts cluster in Kingston.

Natalie coordinates a Queen's research project investigating the development and measurement of meta-cognition and cognitive skills with learning outcomes. Natalie works with faculty, instructors, and administrators facilitating the assessment of critical thinking, problem solving and written communication in undergraduate courses.

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Peggy Watkin

[Photo of Peggy Watkin]

Peggy is responsible for academic initiatives within the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic).  In her role as Associate Director, she provides senior administrative support to the QUQAP processes (Queen’s University Quality Assurance Processes), the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD), the Senate Cyclical Program Review Committee (SCPRC) and a variety of Teaching and Learning initiatives.    

After a twenty year career in the University Secretariat Peggy moved to the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) in August 2009. She completed her Queen’s Bachelor Degree (Psychology) part-time while raising three beautiful daughters.  

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