We in Psychology join with Principal Patrick Deane in expressing our strong disappointment and anger at the behaviour of some of our Queen’s students and visitors to Queen’s this past Homecoming weekend. The actions of the large crowd that gathered in the University district were responsible for significant damage to our community, as well as stress and injury to our community’s front-line workers. Even those who did not directly cause this damage and harm nevertheless contributed as bystanders to a dangerous situation. We are also appalled at the actions of a small group of students who displayed misogynistic banners and made the University district a hostile environment for women students, community members, and visitors. This behaviour is particularly egregious coming just two weeks after students walked out to protest sexual violence on campus.
To the police, ambulance, and medical staff in the Kingston community, and our Campus Security and Emergency Services staff, who bore the responsibility of managing this inappropriate event, thank you. You should not have had to serve in this manner, and we are grateful that you did. To our students who did not participate in these egregious actions, YOU are Queen’s, and we are committed to working with you and the administration to ensure a culture of respect, integrity, achievement, and inclusion. We understand that the events of this past weekend may have caused you significant distress, and may have left some of you feeling disillusioned, angry, or afraid. Please know that we support you and we encourage you to reach out to the following services:


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