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Participate in Research: Parents

The Child and Adolescent Development Group is a group of researchers interested in how infants and children reason about the people and the world around them. We are interested in many aspects of development, including:

  • What are the earliest forms of prosocial behaviour seen in infancy? What types of situations encourage young children to help others?
  • What determines how children learn from others? Who do children learn the most from, and what exactly are they learning?
  • How can we best explain the social difficulties facing children with autism?
  • What forms does bullying take in today’s world? How might we best discourage playground and cyber-bullying?
  • Why do teenagers react so emotionally? How do teenagers become depressed or anxious? 

The participants in the studies consist of parent and child volunteers who graciously offer their time and assistance. A visit takes about 45 minutes and is arranged at a time that is convenient for you. Our researchers are committed to making your visit a pleasant and fun learning experience.

If you are interested in participating, simply contact us by email or phone.


Phone: 613-533-2476

The Child and Adolescent Development Group is located in the Humphrey/Craine buildings at 62 Arch Street, at Queen's University. Arch Street is a one way street that runs south from Union Street to Stuart Street. You can reach the parking area by making your first right as soon as you turn onto Arch Street. A student will be waiting and will direct you to a reserved parking spot behind the buildings.

If you need further directions, simply contact us by email or phone above.