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Patricia Minnes, PhD, CPsych
Professor Emerita
Department of Psychology
Queen's University
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Kingston ON Canada K7L 3N6

Who We Are

Principal Investigator

Patricia Minnes

Patricia Minnes, PhD, CPsych, the Nominated Principal Investigator for the Emerging Team is a professor in the Department of Psychology and cross appointed in the Departments of Psychiatry and Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University.  She is a clinical psychologist whose research and practice focus on inclusion and health needs of children with developmental disabilities, and wellbeing of families. She has published widely on these and related topics and is a longstanding mentor of students and clinicians in the field of developmental disabilities. Dr. Minnes will be responsible for continued conceptual development and implementation of the proposed research, data collection and analysis, and knowledge mobilization.

Research Team

Celine Chatenoud

Céline Chatenoud

Carmen Dionne

Carmen Dionne, PhD, holds a Canada Research Chair in early intervention (Tier 2) at the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières. Dr. Dionne's research interests include intervention practices targeting children with intellectual deficiencies and their living environments (family, early childhood centres, schools, community resources) and in advances in knowledge about how these children develop and function. Dr. Dionne has contributed to the conceptual development of the proposal providing valuable information on early childhood education, daycare and inclusion.  In addition, Dr. Dionne will play a critical role in the development of measures and educational resources in French suitable to the Quebec context. Dr. Dionne has well developed relationships with educators and practitioners working with preschoolers and will therefore play an important role in facilitating recruitment. - Canada Research Chair.

Elaine Frankel

Elaine Frankel, EdD, is a professor in the School of Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University.  Dr. Frankel’s teaching and research interests include the inclusion of children with special needs, diversity, consultation models in early childhood settings, educational systems change, international perspectives of inclusion and the family narrative approach.  She recently co-authored a book on the use of narratives to engage and respond to families, including families with a child with a developmental disability.  Dr. Frankel’s expertise in the field of early childhood and early intervention assisted in the development of this proposal.  Dr. Frankel’s experience with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies will contribute to the recruitment of participants, analysis of qualitative data and development of the case studies as well as the transfer of knowledge.

Nancy Hutchinson

Nancy Hutchinson, PhD, is professor in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University. She has extensive research and teaching experience focusing on inclusion, co-operative education, work-based learning, social participation and inclusion of students with disabilities. She is the author of books on inclusion of exceptional students and teaching exceptional students and has published and presented widely on related topics.  Dr. Hutchinson has made significant contributions to the conceptual development and writing of this proposal providing invaluable expertise regarding inclusive education practices, teacher education and qualitative methodology.  Dr. Hutchinson will play important roles in the development of educational resources and guiding the qualitative data collection and analysis of case study information.

Barry Isaacs

Barry Isaacs, PhD, isthe Director of Research and Evaluation at Surrey Place Centre in Toronto. He has contributed to the overall conceptual development of this proposal.  His research interests include family quality of life, medical students’ attitudes individuals with developmental disabilities, and service outcomes.  His work has highlighted the need for professional education in developmental disabilities and the development of improved parent-professional partnerships.  In addition to playing a major role in recruitment through his work at Surrey Place Centre, Dr. Isaacs will assist with data analysis, development of educational materials and knowledge transfer. - Surrey Place Centre.

Alvin Loh

Alvin Loh, MD, FRCP(C), is a developmental pediatrician specializing in developmental disabilities. He has research and clinical experience working in interdisciplinary contexts at the Hospital for Sick Children, Bloorview Kids Rehab, and Surrey Place Centre in Toronto. He is a co-principal investigator of the Autism Treatment Network Toronto site which aims to establish medical standards of care. He has contributed an important medical perspective in the development of this proposal and will continue to contribute in areas related to health needs and behavioural challenges of preschoolers.

Surrey Place Centre | Autism Treatment Network

Hélène Ouellette Kuntz

Hélène Ouellette Kuntz, PhD, is an associate professor in the Departments of Community Health & Epidemiology and Psychiatry at Queen’s University. She has extensive research experience in the fields of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders and has a major interest in addressing health disparities for persons with disabilities. Hélène has an extensive publication record on topics related to the epidemiology of autism spectrum disorders as well as health and health care of individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has made important contributions to the conceptual development and design of the proposed research and will assist with data analysis, development of educational materials and knowledge mobilization.

Adrienne Perry

Adrienne Perry, PhD, CPsych, BCBA, is an established researcher and clinician in the Department of Psychology at York University.  She has extensive research experience with children with autism and their families, and her interests include clinical practice, policy work, student and professional training, as well as professional service. Dr. Perry has contributed to the conceptual development of this proposal and will continue to make important contributions to data analysis and development of educational materials.

Joan Versnel

Joan Versnel, PhD, is an assistant professor and occupational therapist in the Faculty of Health Professions at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Her research focuses on transitions of children and youth with chronic illness and disability in social, health, and learning contexts and inter-professional education involving pre-service students in all health professions. Dr. Versnel has been a major contributor to the conceptual development of this proposal and her expertise in curriculum development will be critical during the development of educational materials.

Michelle Villeneuve

Michelle Villeneuve, PhD,Lecturer,  Faculty of Health Sciences, Cumberland Campus, University of Sydney Australia. Her current research activities focus on multi-agency collaboration for the delivery of school-based services for children with disabilities, and interprofessional collaboration among educators and health service providers in the public education system. Prof. Villeneuve has contributed to the development of case study methods for HELPS Inc, and her experience in curriculum development, appropriate use of technology for teaching, and program evaluation will support the design of instructional approaches.

Jonathan Weiss

Jonathan Weiss, PhD, CPsych, is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at York University. He has broad research experience with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with a particular focus on mental health. Jonathan has been an active contributor to the conceptual development of this proposal. Through his work in mental health, he introduced the team to the Gateway Provider Model and will continue to be very helpful with methodological and statistical issues