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Department of Psychology
62 Arch Street, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Canada
Phone: 613-533-6407

Lab Alumni

MSc Students

Name: Amanda Rose Hammons
Role in lab: MSc 2014-2016
Project: Executive functioning and children’s acquisition of irregular past tense from feedback
Where are they now? PhD student at University of Illinois

Name: Vanessa Schell
Role in lab: MSc 2013-2015
Project: Preschoolers’ restriction of the conventional meanings of words
Where are they now? PhD student at Queen’s University

Name: Samantha Drover
Role in lab: MSc 2012-2014
Project: Young children’s understanding of false belief
Where are they now? PhD student in Epidemiology at University of North Carolina

Name: Anastasia Christopher
Role in lab: MSc 2011-2014
Project: Affectionate contact and theory of mind abilities of parent-child dyads
Where are they now? Program Specialist at Autism Partnership

Name: Christine Lackner
Role in lab: MSc 2007-2009
Project: The role of dopamine in preschoolers’ theory of mind and executive functioning
Where are they now? Assistant Professor at Mount St. Vincent University

Name: Sarah Bannoff
Role in lab: MA 2006-2008
Project: Development of conventional knowledge in young children
Where are they now? International public relations in health field

Name: Beth Seamans
Role in lab: MA 2002-2004
Project: Parent-child conversations and development of representational theory of mind

PhD Students

Name: Nicole Bardikoff
Role in lab: PhD 2013-2016
Project: Scaffolding multidimensional understanding and rule use in preschoolers’ DCCS performance
Where are they now? Researcher at Autism Ontario

Name: Sevda Bahtiyar
Role in lab: PhD 2008-2013
Project: Socio-cultural conventionality and children’s selective learning

Name: Jennie Baxter
Role in lab: PhD 2002-2009
Project: Perspective taking while role playing
Where are they now? Child Development Consultant for museums and non-profit groups

Name: Annette Henderson
Role in lab: PhD 2002-2007
Project: Children’s sensitivity to new word-referent links to future conversations when learning meanings of words
Where are they now? Assistant Professor at University of Auckland

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name: Jeannette Benson
Role in lab: MA 2005-2007, PhD 2007-2014, Post-Doc 2014-2015
Project: Executive functioning and theory of mind development
Where are they now? Teaching in Psychology at University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, developing Psychology distance education course for Queen’s University

Lab Coordinators

Name: Kirsten Quistberg
Role in lab: Lab Coordinator 2015-2016
Where are they now? MSc Clinical Psychology at University of Victoria

Name: Mateya Dimnik
Role in lab: Lab Coordinator 2014-2015
Where are they now? Pursuing goldsmithing, performing arts, and yoga instructing.

Name: Lindsay Bowman
Role in lab: Lab Coordinator 2008-2009
Where are they now? Associate professor in Psychology at UC Davis