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Early Experience Lab

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62 Arch Street, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Canada
Phone: 613-533-6407

Research Team

Photo of the Early Experience Lab Research Team

Back row from left to right: Brooke Hilton, Kiersten Bertrand, Sarah Berger, Katherine Snelling
Middle row from left to right: Dean Rosen, Taylor Bardell, Cassy Liu, Shanelle Furtado, Haykaz Mangardich
Bottom row from left to right: Breanna McCreary, Caitlin Atkinson
Missing: Eily Shaw, Emily Weber, Katie Lyubchenko, Lucy Peters, Samantha Tyl

The Early Experience Lab focuses on understanding the social, cognitive, and neurobiological underpinnings of young children’s language and theory-of-mind development.

Our research team consists of Dr. Mark Sabbagh and a group of graduate and undergraduate students, a lab coordinator and research assistants.

Principal Investigator

Mark Sabbagh

Dr. Mark Sabbagh

Mark completed an undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz (1993), graduate work at University of Oregon (1998), and his postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan (2000).

Click here for Mark Sabbagh's CV (PDF, 64 KB)

Haykaz Mangardich

Haykaz Mangardich
PhD 3

Haykaz is from Toronto, Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University, and is in the second year of his PhD in Developmental psychology. Haykaz is interested in children's social learning broadly, and how this influences their language development.

Caitlin Atkinson

Caitlin Atkinson
PhD 1

Caitlin is a first year PhD student in Clinical Psychology.  Caitlin is from Ajax, Ontario and completed her BA with Honours in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Caitlin’s research in the EEL lab will focus on the study of children’s socio-cognitive and language development.

Cassy Liu

Cassy Liu
Honours Thesis Student

Cassy is from Charlottetown, PEI. She is a fourth year student finishing her BSc in Psychology with a Minor in Biology. Cassy’s honours thesis focuses on the development and mechanisms of children's belief and conceptual change.

Taylor Bardell

Taylor Bardell
Honours Thesis Student

Taylor is from Belleville, Ontario and is currently in the fourth year of her BSc in Psychology. Taylor is working on her honours thesis project in the lab, which focuses on examining natural irregular movement and theory-of-mind in preschool children.

Breanna McCreary

Breanna McCreary
Lab Coordinator

Breanna is from Calgary, Alberta, and completed her BSc Honours at Queen’s University. She currently manages the Early Experience Lab and helps to coordinate the many research projects that are being conducted in the lab. In addition, her research focuses on how intuitive theories developed in childhood contribute to scientific knowledge in adults.


Research Assistants:

Rebecca Barras (
Sarah Berger (
Kiersten Bertrand (
Shanelle Furtado (
Brooke Hilton (
Katie Lyubchenko (
Lucy Peters (
Dean Rosen (
Eily Shaw (
Katherine Snelling (
Samantha Tyl (
Emily Weber (


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