Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021-2022 Teaching Awards in Psychology.

Dr. David Hauser is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Teaching Award in Psychology. The award recognizes outstanding teaching at the undergraduate level. Each year, the DSC in Psychology invites the members (student body at large) to nominate the instructor they feel is most deserving of this award.

Students’ comments on Dr. Hauser:

"His classes and method of teaching is interactive and engaging, he is passionate about his classes and students success."

"Creates a great class environment and does a great job of going beyond in his teaching making sure people understand the content and provides engaging and fun polls as well as videos relating concepts to real life"

"He makes classes engaging and is willing to deal with tough questions from students. He ties his own research into the curriculum well to help further our understanding of the concepts"

"Dr. Hauser has truly gone above and beyond this semester. His lectures were incredible: the content was super interesting and he delivered it in a very engaging way by encouraging questions, making jokes, etc. He is the one professor I feel truly wants to see his students succeed, and he’s done everything in his power to support us. He is an incredibly nice guy, and is the best professor I have had. (He even let us meet his dog!)"

"Amazing at engaging the class for participation, very accommodating for testing and giving students the benefit of the doubt for grading (either a 50% final or a 30% depending on performance on the midterm) would go over midterm grades and revised the exam based on midterm grades. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing that knowledge."

"He had engaging lectures, encouraged participation, and was always happy to answer questions"

Andrew Hall, MSc, is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Teaching Assistant Award in Psychology. The award recognizes the best teaching assistant in a Psychology course.

Students' comments on Andrew Hall:

"Andrew has consistently shown how much he cares about his students. He is always approachable and friendly. He is accommodating and compassionate to students. He always gives thorough replies to his emails that are helpful.."

"He is so absolutely dedicated to teaching and having his students learn and grow"

"He was always willing to schedule a meeting to support me in any way I needed whether that be academically or emotionally. In my four years of undergrad, I have never had such an amazing TA"

"Andrew made all efforts to make information accessible and delivered in the most convenient way for students. Andrew truly deserves this award to acknowledge all his efforts in coordinating this thesis class after the uncertainties and difficulties from the pandemic”

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