Funding & Financial Support

Graduate Studies In Psychology

Financial Support

Queen’s University has a minimum guarantee of funding for doctoral students (in good standing) of $18,000 per academic years 1 through 4. However, the Department of Psychology provides highly competitive funding packages for all M.Sc. (years 1 and 2) and Ph.D. students (years 1 through 4). The source of this support may be Federal/Provincial fellowships, scholarships, Queen’s Fellowships/Awards; teaching assistantships; research assistantships, and others.

The average, financial support for our graduate students is in the range of $26,400/year for M.Sc students, and $38,800/year for Ph.D. students (note: these numbers are for the 2013-2014 academic year and include all
sources of support, including external scholarships; numbers supplied by the School of Graduate Studies, Oct. 2015).

All applicants are encouraged to apply for all external fellowships for which they are eligible. Some major sources of external awards are the following:

You may only submit one application per academic year to NSERC or CIHR or SSHRC.

For more information on how to select the appropriate agency, visit the SSHRC page.

Applicants who have an overall average of at least A- over their last 20 one-term/semester courses, or the equivalent completed, are eligible to apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)no matter where they are living at the time of application. Thus, if you apply to our program, you should concurrently apply for an OGS award. The following link will provide detailed instructions regarding OGS application process: OGS information

Successful applicants are considered for Queen’s Graduate Fellowships/Scholarships for which they qualify, no separate application is necessary. The awards are valued between $5,000 and $10,000 and are awarded on a competitive basis.

Graduate students are expected to serve as paid teaching assistants in many of the undergraduate courses offered by the Department. Full-time students must limit teaching assistantship employment to an average of ten hours per week in each term.