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Course Registration

Graduate students in the Department of Psychology are unable to register in their courses through SOLUS. All course selections must be submitted to the Graduate Assistant in the department.

When the graduate timetable is finalized each summer the Graduate Assistant will inform (by email) all continuing and new incoming students. All graduate students will then consult with their supervisor (and area chair) in determining their courses for the upcoming year. When determined, the graduate student will send an email to the Graduate Assistant at listing his/her selection and copying their supervisor so that any inaccuracies can be identified as quickly as possible. Course selections will be entered onto the system prior to the beginning of classes. Check SOLUS at the beginning of the term to ensure courses have been added correctly. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact your Graduate Assistant immediately. Note that SOLUS will not show you the date/time/location of the course. This information can be found on the graduate timetable.

Clinical Students Only:

Effective September 1, 2013, Clinical practicum courses will be organized so that you can take any course, any term (please refer to the course registration email from the graduate assistant for more details).

In order to maintain our Clinical Program's accreditation, our clinical students are expected to have completed course work in history of psychology, the biological, cognitive-affective, social bases of behaviour and in abnormal psychology or its equivalent. If you do not have these prerequisite courses you will need to complete them during your Clinical Master's or Doctoral degree. These courses must be done by the end of MSc 1 for incoming Master's students and by the end of PhD 1 for incoming PhD students, and proof of completion must be sent to the Clinical Chair and Graduate Assistant.

Effective September 1, 2011, the non-credit Course of Research Ethics (CORE) will be replacing the Course in Human Research Participant Protection (CHRPP). This course is mandatory for all incoming graduate students who will engage in research involving human subjects. It is a web-based tutorial providing familiarity with and practical application of Canada's national standard of ethics for research (as outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement). It is also recommended that continuing graduate students beyond year 1 who are involved in human research or who have an interest in ethics for research also register for the course.

More information and to access the course please go to the Government of Canada's Course on Research Ethics.

If you are required to take this course, please list it with your other courses when submitting them to your Graduate Assistant. The course code is SGS804 (10242).

In 2008, the Ontario Government enacted a customer service regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requiring that everyone who interacts with the public and delivers services on behalf of the University must be trained in accessible customer service for persons with disabilities. In response to this regulation, Queen's University created an online course in how to successfully interact with and provide accessible customer service to persons with disabilities.

As a graduate student you are expected at some time to interact with other students, faculty, staff, visitors, members of the community or others as part of your role. Any of these individuals could be persons with disabilities. The course provides excellent information about disability and accessibility issues and actions you can take to help reduce many of the common barriers that some individuals with disabilities encounter. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete the three modules that can be completed all at once or one at a time.

To access the training, visit the Equity Office website

To enroll in courses outside psychology graduate courses, as well as audited courses, you will need to complete an Academic Change Form (ACF), have it signed by your supervisor and submit it to the graduate office. This will be processed through SGS registration (which includes AODA-800).