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Graduate Student Handbook: Course Registration

PSYC Course Self-Enrolment

PSYC graduate students consult with their graduate supervisor to determine which courses they require to meet their degree requirements.  Students may self-enrol for all PSYC graduate level courses through their SOLUS account. 

Your transcript should be populated immediately to show these courses by course, by term.

The PSYC Graduate Timetable is posted on the website mid-summer each year listing all courses to be offered in the upcoming academic session.  PSYC graduate students may then consult with their supervisor (and area chair) to select their courses for that session.  Students may self-enrol into PSYC graduate courses via SOLUS.  See External Course Enrolment Process below for course enrolment outside Psychology.

External Course Enrolment Instructions

Where a student chooses to enrol in a course offered by another Queen’s University unit, they complete an Academic Change Form (Eric - insert link to the AC Form currently available via Forms At A Glance), sign the bottom, obtain the signature or supporting email from the course instructor, obtain their PSYC graduate supervisor’s signature of approval to attend the course; and submit the AC Form to the PSYC Graduate Program Administrator for final processing.

Your transcript will be updated following entry of your external course by the offering unit’s graduate program representative.  This may take 5-7 business days.

External Units’ Timetables

Other Queen’s units may post their specific annual graduate timetable on their website.  In many cases you may search SOLUS to determine the term, day, and time of other units’ course offerings.