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Graduate Student Handbook: Teaching Assistant Prize in Psychology

Terms of Reference (PDF, 150 KB))

Nature of Award
Prize for the best teaching assistant in a Psychology course.

Nomination Criteria
Judged best teaching assistant in Psychology.

Nomination Procedure
Call for nominations is held in March. Instructors or students may put forward a nomination to the PSYC Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

Selection Process
Selection is made by a three-person subcommittee of the Graduate Committee in Psychology.

Presentation of Award
Announcement of the prize winner is published in the PSYC Departmental weekly memo.  A letter of congratulations is issued to the winner along with a cheque from PSYC for $400.

Current Year's Recipient
The current year’s recipient is listed on the CTL website.

Past Year’s Recipients
Past year’s recipients are listed on the CTL website.

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