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Funding Awards and Financial Support

Queen’s Minimum Funding Guarantees

Queen’s University has a minimum guarantee of funding for full-time doctoral students of $18,000 per year for each of the first four years of full-time study. Queen’s does not mandate a minimum funding package for master’s students. 

The Department of Psychology offers highly competitive funding packages for all full-time master’s students in years MSc1 and MSc2 and full-time doctoral students in years PhD1, PhD2, PhD3, and PhD4 in good standing.  Each eligible student is allocated a minimum combined funding package of $18,000 annually. In recent years, Psychology has been able to exceed this minimum to approximately $21,000 per eligible student per year.

The sources of these funding packages may include:

International Student Funding

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) policies state that all international PhD students must be funded to a minimum of $18,000 for each of their first four years of full-time study. In addition, students must also be assigned an International Tuition Award (ITA) valued at $5,000 for each of those first four years. PSYC departmental policy further requires that all international Master’s students are be supported by an ITA for each of their first two years of full-time study. 

The ITA allocation is allocated directly to the student’s annual tuition fees and is intended to reduce the international tuition fee to the domestic amount. 

Units receive a limited number of ITAs from SGS each academic session (usually 1 -3). PSYC adjudicates available ITAs during the admission review.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for domestic and international students are available via the Office of the Registrar Graduate Tuition Fees. Click on the Graduate and Professional Programs Fee Schedule. Tuition is listed by year, by term.

SGS Definition of Full-Time Funding Eligible Student

The School of Graduate Studies defines full-time student status as follows:

Full-time students should not hold paid employment of more than 10 hours a week unrelated to their research.

Full time students may be eligible for a wide range of internal and external scholarship and bursary awards including Queen's Graduate Awards (QGA), International Tuition Awards (for international students only), and NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR and Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS). Many external awards are restricted to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants who have held this status at least one year. Some Queen's internal awards have similar restrictions.

Teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs) are normally assigned to full-time graduate students.


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