Graduate Student Handbook: Appeal and Grievance Procedures

Appeal of Academic Decisions These procedures were developed in accordance with a directive from Division I of the School of Graduate Studies and Research and represent the course of action that is to be followed if a graduate student in the Department of Psychology wishes to appeal an academic decision. These procedures should be read in conjunction with the linked section of the Calendar of the School of Graduate Studies.

Review of Course Grades

Informal Appeal
If a student wishes to appeal a course grade he or she should first appeal informally to the instructor of the course and ensure that the instructor is award of all the facts which the student believes should bear on the decision. This informal appeal should be made as soon as possible after the grade is announced and, in all cases, within a month of the decision.

Formal Appeal
If the student is not satisfied by the informal review outlined above and still feels the decision is not academically just, then he or she may appeal to the Head of the Department for a further review. This request should be in the form of a letter to the Head and should outline all the relevant facts presented at the informal review and should be lodged within two weeks of the informal review. The Head of the Department will then appoint an ad hoc committee to undertake the Departmental review. This review committee should consist of a professor nominated by the graduate student and two additional professors appointed by the Head of Department. The student and the instructor of the course in question should be interviewed by the committee to ensure that all the pertinent facts are taken into consideration. The committee will submit a written report which will represent the final departmental decision on the matter. Admission to Ph.D. A student, registered in the M.Sc. Program, who is denied admission to the Ph.D. Program, may appeal to the Graduate Committee and request that they reconsider their decision. The student may attend the meeting convened to hear the appeal and he or she, together with a member of faculty of their choice, may present such facts as they consider relevant to the appeal. Having done so, they will be asked to withdraw from the meeting.

Withdrawal on General Academic Grounds (Unsatisfactory Progress)
If a student wishes to appeal a Departmental decision for Withdrawal on General Academic Grounds, he or she should submit a written request to the Head of Department within a month of being informed of the withdrawal decision. Since the decision to seek withdrawal would have already progressed through several levels of discussion and decision making (supervisor, supervisory committee, Graduate Committee) the Head will call a Special Department Meeting to review the decision at which the student should present all the facts which he or she believes are relevant to the decision. A written report of this meeting will be prepared and will contain the final Departmental decision on this matter.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Theses
Since the examinations are conducted by the School of Graduate Studies and Research, reviews of these decisions should follow the procedures outlined in the Graduate Calendar.

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