Graduate Student Handbook: Financial Support

Regulations Regarding Financial Support

A full-time student is expected to engage in his/her studies on a full-time basis. It is expected that a full-time student will limit paid employment unrelated to the student's research to a total of ten hours per week (average); students wishing to exceed this level should consult their supervisor and graduate coordinator. A student who fails to meet program requirements or who fails to maintain progress consistent with full-time status may be required to withdraw from their program. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to register as a full-time student while maintaining full-time employment (more than 30 hours a week) elsewhere. Full-time students employed as teaching assistants are limited to a maximum of ten hours a week (average) in this capacity.

Each student is responsible for ensuring that their status as a full- or part-time student correctly reflects their employment situation and that the Department is fully informed of this. The University is audited each year by the Provincial Government to check on the accuracy of this information.

Queen's University provides a minimum funding guarantee currently valued at $18,000 per year, for eligible doctoral students in years 1-4. The Department guarantees Master's students $18,000/year for each of years 1 and 2. In both cases the guaranteed funding will include work as a teaching assistant for a minimum of 8 hours/week for 26 weeks. The remaining portion of the guarantee can consist of University Fellowships, Queen's Graduate Awards, and supervisor‟s research grants. Students who are successful in earning external funding are still eligible for a teaching assistantship. Our policy in the Department is that students are required to apply for all external fellowships for which they are eligible.

The Psychology Department has developed the PSYC Graduate Student Funding Allocation Terms of Reference (PDF, 76 KB) which guide the unit in allocating available funds equitably among eligible graduate students.


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