Graduate Student Handbook: Marking Final Exams Policy

The following procedures apply regarding final examinations in the Department of Psychology:

  1. In large lecture courses, where examination must be standardized across sections, final examinations consisting entirely of multiple choice questions may be necessary. For multiple choice examinations, matching marking, or marking by teaching assistants is permissible, but course instructors are responsible for preparing the marking key and for assigning the final marks.

  2. In large intramural courses with a single section, final examinations may consist partly of multiple choice and short answer questions. Some essay questions(s) are highly recommended. Marking the multiple choice and the short answer questions can be performed by teaching assistants, but instructors are required to provide appropriate marking keys and to supervise the marking. Instructors are expected to mark a reasonable proportion of those questions that require comprehensive and integrative answers, on each student paper.

  3. In upper-year courses with smaller enrollments, examinations should take the form of essay questions, take-home examinations or term papers. Instructors are responsible for all the marking in these courses.


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