Graduate Student Handbook: Policy on Part-Time Status

Policy on Transfer to Part-Time Status

Students are admitted to the Department of Psychology graduate program on a full-time basis for the duration of their degree.

Applications for transfer from full-time to part-time status are considered by the Department from time to time.  The Department will normally only support transfer to part-time status where the student has submitted their thesis for oral defense and normally for no more than one year.  The Department makes recommendation to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). 

SGS provides a final decision based on the departmental recommendation and SGS’s determination of whether the student has met one of the available criteria noted in the Request to Transfer to Part-Time status regulation.

Transferring to part-time status may involve financial implications other than reduction of tuition including loss of income from grants, fellowships, scholarships, etc. and/or changes in the deferred and/or interest free status of student loans. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of all financial implications of the change to part-time status.

Students wishing to request a change of status from full-time to part-time may visit the SGS Admissions and Registration page to complete the online Part Time On or Off Campus Request.


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