Graduate Student Handbook: Structure of Department

The Departmental Committee

The Departmental Committee is responsible for academic and administrative authority. The Head of the Department of Psychology serves as chair of the PSYC Departmental Committee. The Head is responsible to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, the University Provost, and ultimately the Principal.

The Head is assisted on the Departmental Committee by the Coordinator of Graduate Studies of the Graduate Committee for graduate matters; the Chair of Undergraduate Studies of the Undergraduate Committee for undergraduate matters; and the Department of Psychology Department Manager for administrative matters. Policies approved at any of the PSYC committees are submitted to the PSYC Departmental Committee for final approval at which time they become the official policy of the Department.

Graduate students are represented on all committees of the Department that deal with policies and procedures which affect them. These appointments are made through the Association of Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSIP). Student representatives are, however, excluded from discussions in which confidential information regarding individual students is discussed.

Graduate Committee

The PSYC Graduate Committee is led by the PSYC Coordinator of Graduate Studies. This position is held by a PSYC faculty member normally for a period of three years. Each of the four program areas of study identify a Chair of that program to serve on the Graduate Committee. Graduate students identify up to three members via AGSIP. The PSYC Graduate Program Administrator serves as secretary and minute-take for the Graduate Committee.

Association of Graduate Students in Psychology (AGSIP)

All graduate students in the Department of Psychology are also members of the Association of Graduate Students in Psychology - AGSIP. AGSIP maintains an executive membership to work with PYSC graduate students in identifying policy and procedures suggestions for consideration at PSYC Graduate Committee and to convey other pertinent information from the University that affects graduate students.


Giovanna Crocco
Graduate Program Administrator

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