Graduate Student Handbook: Welcome to Graduate School


Welcome to the Department of Psychology Graduate Student Handbook. It is designed to assist you in progressing through your graduate degree program and to provide you with associated instructions and documentation along the way. Key components have been given their own page to clearly outline the details associated with that step in the process and includes the specific form where applicable. Many of our forms are also available in the Forms at a Glance page. 

Our Handbook is a living document and we welcome your assistance in including any/all information that you the student expect to find in a Handbook. If you cannot find a detail or explanation of a process associated with your degree in this Handbook please contact the PSYC Grad Office and we will work together to enhance our Handbook with that new information.

Table of Contents

  1. Forms at a Glance
  2. Graduate Student Supervision
  3. Guidelines for Effective Remote Supervision
  4. Degree Requirements - MSc and PhD
  5. Course Registration
  6. Financial Support
  7. Human Ethics
  8. Annual Graduate Student Progress Report
  9. Comprehensive Examination
  10. Thesis Proposal Guidelines
  11. MSc Defense Preparation and Timeline
  12. PhD Defense Preparation and Timeline
  13. Authorship Policy
  14. Teaching Assistantships
  15. Teaching Assistant Prize in Psychology
  16. Research Assistantships
  17. Graduate Teaching Award in Psychology
  18. International Student Information
  19. Principles, Priorities, Mission and Values
  20. Structure of the Department
  21. The Profession of Psychology
  22. Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
  23. Field Work Policy
  24. Part-Time Status Policy
  25. Medical and Parental Leave Policy
  26. Employee and Family Assistance Program
  27. Positive Space
  28. 4 Directions Indigenous Student Centre
  29. Marking Final Exams Policy
  30. Appeal and Grievance Procedures