Cognitive Neuroscience

(formerly Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science)

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The Cognitive Neuroscience Program gets you right into current research in one of the hottest areas of Psychology.

The program and its members cover the whole range from single cell physiology all the way up to complex social behaviour in animals and humans. As a student in our program, you can study the sophisticated connections between action and perception. You can delve into human cognitive abilities such as language comprehension, the allocation of focussed attention, or the mechanics of memory formation. Or you might work on the neurophysiology of motivation, anxiety, and addiction.

Techniques represented by our members involve:

  • Motion capture technology

  • Electrophysiology

  • Eye-tracking

  • Brain imaging

  • Psychophysics

  • Signal processing

  • Virtual realities

  • Computer vision

  • ... and many more

We have excellent facilities for interdisciplinary research through its links with the:

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Contact the Cognitive Neuroscience program chair:
Daryl Wilson, Ph.D.