Graduate Student Handbook: Degree Requirements - General


The Department of Psychology offers four distinct programs at both the master’s (MSc) and doctoral (PhD) levels. Each program has overall degree requirements as well as specific course and other requirements depending on the area of study. 

Master’s Program Details

The master's program normally extends over two calendar years. For students with an honour’s degree in psychology the requirements for the master's program are: PSYC 801, PSYC 802, and PSYC 899 - thesis to be completed by the end of the second year in the program. Click on the program area Degree Requirements link below for program-specific requirements:

Doctoral Program Details

The doctoral program normally extends over four calendar years.  Clinical students remain for a fifth year internship. The base requirements for the program are: PSYC 999 thesis course, written completion and oral defense of the Comprehensive Examination required by the specific program, and, a written submission and oral defense of a doctoral thesis.

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Developmental Psychology

Social-Personality Psychology