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  • COVID-19 Resource Page
  • Feature Story: Tom Hollenstein May 2020

    Congratulations to Tom Hollenstein on receiving one of 13 COVID-19 Rapid Response funding awards! Tom will be examining the use of digital technology to inform universities, clinicians, and policymakers as they make recommendations for coping with the emotional fall-out of social distancing.

    Read the full story on Tom here

  • Feature Story Monica Castelhano Effie Pereira May 2020

    Monica Castelhano and Effie Pereira demonstrate that the influence of context on the dynamic and integrative nature of attention is much broader than previously thought, furthering our understanding of these mechanisms in the real world.

    See Monica's full story

  • Feature Story Stéphanie Gauvin May 2020

    Congratulations to Queen’s Psychology PhD student Stéphanie Gauvin on receiving a Love Consortium Graduate Student Research Grant that partners her with Dr. Jessica Maxwell (Queen’s Artsci’11 Honours Psychology/Concurrent Education) of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Feature Story COVID-19 What Psychohlogy Students Need to Know

    Students have important questions related to jobs and careers, and these questions have become more pressing as we cope with COVID-19. In this video Meghan Norris, Undergraduate Chair in Psychology, raises common student questions related to jobs and careers in the context of COVID-19 with Cathy Keates, Director of Career Services.

    Click here to watch the video

  • Feature Story: Clinic Telepsychology Services

    The Brief Telepsychology Service will provide short-term psychological services via videoconferencing technology with clients in their homes. The service is designed for adults, children, youth and families struggling with adjustment or stress, and focuses on maximizing emotional and physical well-being by improving skills for coping with stress.

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  • Feature Story: Tess Clifford April 2020

    “Children notice disruptions in daily routines and they pick up on parents’ anxieties, which are both unavoidable during a stressful situation like this one,” says Dr. Tess Clifford, Director of the Queen’s Psychology Clinic. “There are, however, ways we can communicate and educate that can help our children cope with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and our response to it.”

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  • Feature Story: Judith Davidson

    With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, more and more people are finding themselves confined to their homes for most of the day. Queen’s University researcher Judith Davidson is one of Canada’s leading sleep experts and says it is normal to have some degree of sleep difficulty in times of uncertainty and when our daily routines have been suddenly altered.

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