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  • Feature Story: Kate Harkness September 2020

    Dr. Kate Harkness has collaborated with a team of 59 professors in the field of Psychology to write a comprehensive review published this week on gender representation, and the structural, interpersonal, and intrapersonal processes that contribute to sustained gender differences, in academic psychology.

    Read Kate's full story here

  • Anti-Asian Discrimination Message September 2020

    The Department of Psychology at Queen's University stands with its members in affirming that anti-Asian discrimination is never acceptable and always harmful - to those it targets and to our communities - in the context of COVID-19 or otherwise. Whether such statements are intended to offend our students or community members by racializing individuals, stigmatizing marginalized groups, and/or blaming minoritized communities for larger social issues (including but of course beyond the pandemic), we support those of us who speak out against racism and for justice. We remind ourselves that we in our department have a long way to go to make our education anti-oppressive, and are working on ways that our instruction can increasingly help support anti-racist aims for a more just society. - G. Cynthia Fekken, (Acting) Head of the Department of Psychology

  • Feature Story banner Jeremy Stewart September 2020

    Queen’s Psychology researcher Dr. Jeremy Stewart and collaborators Dr. Tom Hollenstein, also of Queen’s Psychology, and Dr. Thomas Armstrong (Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA), have received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

    Read Jeremy's full story here

  • Feature Story banner Steve Lamontagne September 2020

    Congratulations to Queen’s Psychology’s PhD Candidate, Steve Lamontagne, on being awarded the Rossano Mind, Brain & Behavior Pre-doctoral Fellowship from Harvard’s McLean Hospital.

    Read Steve's full story here

  • Feature Story: QBAS June 2020

    We at the Department of Psychology at Queen's University wish to convey our strong support to the Queen's Black Academic Society and all Black and minoritized students, staff, and faculty at Queen's in the wake of ongoing and longstanding anti-black racism and police brutality.

    Read the full letter to the QBAS

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