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Kate Harkness, PhD
Room 245 Humphrey Hall
Department of Psychology, Queen's University
62 Arch Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
T: 613-533-6003
F: 613-533-2499


Here is a list of student-led publications from the lab in the past five years:

Vallati, M., Stewart, J. G., Larocque, C., Mazurka, R., Milev, R., Bagby, R. M., Kennedy, S., & Harkness, K. L. (in press). Childhood maltreatment and the clinical characteristics of major depressive disorder in adolescence and adulthood. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Hudson, C., Shamblaw, A., Harkness, K. L., & Sabbagh, M. A. (in press). Reading the mind in the eyes task: Validation of the valence categories. Psychological Assessment.

Lord, K. A., Harkness, K. L., Suvak, M. K., & Stewart, J. G. (2020). The affective dynamics of excessive reassurance-seeking in real-time interactions. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 37, 676-694.

Shamblaw, A., Benson, J., Harkness, K. L., & Sabbagh, M. A. (2019). Lifetime maternal depression and children’s false belief understanding. Social Development, 28, 927-941.

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