Research Team

Mood Lab Research Team 2021 on Summerhill steps


Principal Investigator


Dr. Kate Harkness


B.Sc., (Hon.) Toronto, 1993
M.S., Oregon, 1995
Ph.D., Oregon, 1998

Area of research: My primary research focus is the role of stress and early trauma in the etiology and ongoing pathology of major depression in adolescence and adulthood. My current work focuses on biomarker-environment interactions that increase the biological and psychosocial sensitivity to stress in major depression.

Research Coordinators

Brie Olexa

Brie Olexa

Research Coordinator, Theory of Mind

Education: BAH, (Hon.), Queen’s University, 2021

I am one of the research coordinators for the Mood Research Lab and am responsible for the organization and maintenance of ongoing theory of mind projects in the lab.

Meaghan Hymers

Meaghan Hymers

Research Coordinator, CAN-BIND

Education: BA, (Hon.), University of Waterloo, 2021

I am one of the research coordinators for the Mood Research Lab and am responsible for the organization and maintenance of ongoing CAN-BIND projects in the lab.


Graduate Students

Sung Min

PhD. Year 2

Area of Research: My primary research focus is on the etiology of depression. Specifically, I am interested in social cognition and how it plays a role in the development of depression. For my Master’s thesis, I studied cognitive biases in processing social information. For my PhD thesis, I plan to expand this subject with an evolutionary perspective.

Jessica Rowe

PhD. Year 1

Area of Research: I am a first-year PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program. For my Master's thesis work,  I investigated alterations in stress-related brain mechanisms related to childhood maltreatment and depression. Currently, I am also interested in investigating mechanisms associated with childhood maltreatment and later risk for revictimization across the lifespan.

Anna Gallagher

MSc. Year 2

Area of Research: I am interested in theory of mind - the ability to decode and reason about the mental states of others. Specifically, my research examines socio-cognitive mechanisms underlying the association between depression and theory of mind.


Honours Student

Ariana Bujold

Ariana Bujold

Area of Research: I’m a fourth-year Psychology major and Life Science minor doing my thesis project in the Mood lab this year. In my thesis I will be investigating the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and adulthood sexual revictimization. I will be looking specifically at whether engaging in risky sexual behaviour and one’s sexual self-schemas mediate this relationship.


Directed Studies Research Students

Noa Shram

Alexandra Kelly

Research Assistants

Brooke Nancekivell

Julia Cressman

Aisling Martina-Ezeifeaku

Sarina Rain

Victoria Yu

Margret Lo