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We no longer have any positions available for the Fall of 2017, we will begin recruiting 570/575 students and/or volunteers for the Winter of 2018 starting in November 2017. The 570/575 course is 10 hours a week with ~ 7 of those hours spent recruiting and running participants in our studies and assisting with data coding. The remaining hours are for lab readings and meetings. For volunteers, we still would expect a minimum 5 hour per week commitment. Please fill out our Research Assistant Information Form (MS Word doc, 36 KB) and email it to Dr. Jacobson at along with some days/times when you would be available to meet.

Prospective Graduate Students:

The MaSC Lab focuses primarily on two individual difference variables, causal uncertainty and dysphoria, as motivators of social behavior, judgments, and information processing. We also do some work on self-processes (e.g., self-control, self-esteem importance) and are embarking on research in basic methodology. Indeed, many of our lab and individual meetings are dedicated to learning about advanced statistical techniques and issues relevant to the crisis in science that are not covered in graduate coursework.

We prefer students who:

  • have ambitions to become academic researchers

  • enjoy designing studies, collecting data, and writing

  • are truly interested in investigating the topics that we study in our lab. To learn more about these topics, please see the lab Research page and Dr. Jacobson’s faculty page.

Dr. Jacobson will be recruiting new graduate students in the social-personality program for the Fall of 2018; for further information, please email her at