Department of Psychology COVID-19 Resources for Students, Faculty, Researchers, and Staff

The Department of Psychology COVID-19 Resources page is a hub for Queen’s Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Faculty, Researchers, and Staff affected by COVID-19, to find accurate, up-to-date information relating to academics and research.

NEW! Department of Psychology Safety Plan - Step 3

Please see attached the COVID Safety Plan for Step 3 of the Reopening Ontario Plan for the Department of Psychology (MS Word doc, 130 KB). The University required this document from each unit, and we are required to share it with all staff and faculty members of the Department. The plan will also be posted on the safety bulletin board in Humphrey 2. More information on this Safety Plan on the Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration website . Please email Caroline Pukall ( email: with any questions or concerns.

Update regarding access to the Department - Step 3

With the move to Step 3 of the Reopening Ontario Plan, there is more access to space in the Department for the months of July and August 2021. The general rule is that each separate room (an office or rooms within a lab space) can hold one person, except for the following research spaces, which can hold more than one if physical distancing is respected and masks are worn:

  • Humphrey 208A and 208C (these are rooms within the QBCC): 2 people each
  • Humphrey 307 and 307A: 2 people each
  • Humphrey 329: 2 people in the main room (1 in each smaller room)
  • Humphrey 420: 2 people
  • Humphrey 427: 4 people
  • Craine 317C: 2 people
  • Craine 308: 2 people
  • Craine 420 (main room): 2 people

The above list of research spaces does not include locations such as the IT Shop, the main office, conference room, Craine lounge, etc., which can each house more than one person, but please email Caroline if you need additional information.

Please note that faculty members are able to meet with one other person in their office if physical distancing is respected and masks are worn.

The process for faculty members accessing their office space for any research purposes is the following: sign into the spreadsheet, which is based on the capacity numbers for each area. There is ample space starting on July 26 in each area to accommodate one faculty member per faculty office, plus many research students and research staff. There is no need to email me or to complete an application (great news!!).

Students completing any kind of research in the Department must apply for research access. Updated forms are attached (start with the “return to campus plan” document). Once they receive approval, they will be able to sign into the spreadsheet and log in their time. Please note that if your students are running participants for in-person research studies, sometimes the participants (especially if they are youth and they have a chaperone) push the capacity numbers over the maximum for a given space. In-person research goes through COVID-adapted ethical approval and an application process that allows for this temporary increase in the numbers.

General guidelines are:

  1. Masks are mandatory in all shared spaces (e.g., hallways, stairwells) and when with other people (please also maintain physical distancing when possible).
  2. Hallways and stairs are bidirectional.
  3. Please disinfect all high touch surfaces before you leave the office/lab.
  4. Access to the building is through any fob-linked or unlocked door when the building is locked, and exit can be from any door. Please escort your participants (if applicable) to the nearest exit and ensure they leave before returning to your space, especially if the building is locked. This is for security purposes.
  5. If you need keys or fobs, please email Suzanne (
  6. Please also sign into the spreadsheet to document your visit to campus (name, location, time).

We also highly recommend doing the self-screening checklist on the SeQure app each time you access the campus.

Please email Caroline Pukall ( email: with any questions or concerns

Queen's launches refreshed COVID-19 website

The university community continues to rise to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, working together to keep one another safe and ensure learning, research, and innovation are moving forward. To support these efforts, Queen’s has launched a redesigned COVID-19 Information website with an emphasis on the most sought-after information, usability, and shareability in mind. The site features a prominent COVID-19 case tracker that provides updates whenever a COVID-19 case is confirmed within the Queen’s community. It also features important links to public health information, and the latest updates from the administration on changes to university operations, academic changes, health and safety announcements, and more. It also features a student section to connect students with services, resources, and faculty-specific information, as well as a faculty/staff page to connect employees with human resources, IT support, and research. Go to the new Queen's University COVID-19 website

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