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Week of Monday, May 10, 2021


NEW! HANS DRINGENBERG is the recipient of the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Teaching Award in Psychology!
is the Psychology Teaching Assistant Prize Award Winner!
NEW! JACKIE HUBERMAN is the Psychology PhD Thesis Prize Winner and has been nominated for the CAGS Pro-Quest-UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award!

In The News

DAVID HAUSER - Global TV: Dr. Hauser talks about why some people defy the rules when it comes to COVID-19, while others follow them. Go to this article - Why is opposition to lockdowns, masks and science growing? The psychology of defiance explained.

Upcoming Thesis Defenses

    ERIKA PETER, PhD Candidate (Supervisor: Jill Jacobson) Thesis Title: Causal uncertainty and computer-mediated communication

    • Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 9:30 am EST All defenses will occur remotely, visitors are not permitted

    NEW! SWEP 2021

    The SWEP program includes a required EL WrapAround Learning Reflection form to guide a short discussion with your student at the beginning and end of the work term. WrapAround Learning Reflection Form (PDF, 238 KB) This short reflection exercise has proven to deepen the learning experience for the student and increase student engagement, benefiting you. Please see Employer Guide for further explanation (Employer Manual) More information on student and supervisor workshops and how to register here (PDF, 173 KB) Posted here: Monday, May 10, 2021

    NEW! Supporting Healthy Communities - FAS Staff and Faculty

    Monthly events are being organized specifically for FAS staff and faculty as a way to support faculty-wide mental health, the first of which is a Building Empathy from the Inside-Out webinar featuring current Queen's graduate student, alumnus and past University Rector Mike Young at 10:00 am EST on May 20, 2021. More information on the FAS monthly events for supporting healthy communities (PDF, 95 KB)

    Craine and Humphrey and Barrie Street Building Notices

      WINDOW CLEANING OF HOUSES SCHEDULED MAY 6 & 13, 2021 - T.N.T. Window Cleaning ‘N Caulking will be cleaning interior and exterior windows, as well as removing storm windows and installing screens (where available) for 98-100-102 Barrie Street on Thursday, May 6, and the Psychology Clinic (184-186 Barrie Street) on Thursday, May 13. The crew will sign out keys from Fixit in order to access each house. Any restricted areas within these houses should be identified to Fixit by email at

      CRAINE BUILDING COOLING TOWER - Facilities staff and contractors have started the process to remove the Craine Building cooling tower from operation and to commission a new cooling tower. There will be no mechanical cooling available in Craine Building while this project is in progress as this equipment provides chilled water for the building’s heat pump loop.  A separate notice will be issued to advise when the new cooling tower is operational. For more information, please contact Fixit by phone at ext. 77301 or by email at

      CRAINE BUILDING - ROOFING PROJECT/FUME HOOD SHUTDOWN - Contractors are scheduled to commence work associated with the Craine Building roof system replacement on Monday, April 12.  Work on this project will continue until June 25, 2021. Please note: Fume hood activity will not be permitted in either Humphrey Hall or Craine Building while work is in progress. Occupants should either remove contents or cap off contents in fume hoods and sign all fume hoods as “Out of Service” between April 12 and June 25 (inclusive). Environmental Health & Safety has advised that fume hood activity in Kathleen Ryan Hall may continue uninterrupted through the project period. Occupants in nearby buildings should anticipate intermittent noise and smells arising from the work on Craine Building. For more information, please contact Fixit by phone at ext. 77301 or by email at

      GREB/Unit REB Update

      CHANGES TO THE GREB APPLICATION PROCESS - Along with the new GREB Standard Application Form, which is now active, two changes have been made to the GREB application process: 1) You must include a completed LOI/CF Checklist as an attachment with your application, and 2) Students are no longer required to attach a letter/email from their supervisor indicating that the supervisor has read the GREB application and approves it. The supervisor's CORE certificate still must be attached to the ethics application. Finally, Gail Irving will be retiring at the end of May, and Crystal McCracken, Ethics Compliance Advisor, will be handling GREB until a new Ethics Coordinator is hired. 

      Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

      APRIL UPDATE - The 2020-2021 EDI committee met for 30 minutes on Thursday April 8th for our tenth meeting. If you have questions about the items, feel free to get in touch with Sari van Anders. We welcomed each other back, updated ourselves about what we did in the previous meeting and between that meeting and this one, and then discussed the rest of our agenda. Click here to read the EDI Meeting Summary (PDF, 276 KB)

      Important COVID-19 Updates

      STAY AT HOME ORDER - The Premier’s most recent announcement regarding the Stay-at-Home order has raised some questions about whether employees who are performing essential functions that require them to work on-site require a letter from their employer in case they are stopped and questioned by authorities. Recent communications by Kingston Police "Kingston Police respond to new COVID-19 restrictions" make it clear that they will not be making random vehicle or pedestrian stops to check on compliance with the Provinces Stay-at-Home order. Chief of Police Antje McNeely remarks, “Members of the Kingston Police will not be conducting random vehicle or pedestrian stops. We will continue with traffic enforcement, engaging with members of the public and responding to calls for service, to keep our community safe. We will continue to do so in a fair and equitable manner”. If you have any concerns regarding performing an essential function that requires your presence on campus, please go to the following page that has been updated on the HR website. Please contact your Human Resources Advisor for further information or to obtain a copy of a template letter that can be used if there are specific circumstance where an employee requests a letter. Human Resources also suggests that staff travel with their Employee Identification cards if they are traveling to campus for work.

      DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY COVID-19 RESOURCES WEBPAGE - The Department of Psychology COVID-19 Resources Webpage is a hub for Queen's Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Faculty, Researchers and Staff, affected by COVID19, to find accurate, up-to-date information relating to academics and research. Please check this website regularly

      Funding and Financial Information

      NEW! BARTLETT FAMILY FUND FOR THE HUMANITIES - The Bartlett Family Fund for the Humanities was established to promote excellence in the Humanities at Queen's. Funds will be directed to support specific projects that are intended to have a tangible impact beyond the fiscal year they are expended and are not to be used to supplement operating costs of a department. Proposals up to $14,000 will be considered - submissions will be reviewed and considered through the Dean of Arts and Science Office. Additional funding for a total of $28,000 is available in 2021/22 and therefore multiple projects will be accepted this year. There are 13 qualifying departments - Art, Classics, Dan School of Drama & Music, Fine Arts, Film & Media, Global Development Studies, History, Languages, Literature & Culture, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, Religion, Sociology). Deadline for submissions is June 15. For more information, visit the website

      PRIMALS RESEARCH AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT - The University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center, with support from the Templeton Religion Trust, is pleased to announce the Primals Research Awards. The goal is to promote new empirical research exploring how primal world beliefs (‘primals’) are formed, maintained, change, or influence nontrivial outcomes or psychological processes. One $250,000 award and two $125,000 awards will be administered over 24 months (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024) to Principal Investigators proposing to examine primals from any of the following eight disciplinary perspectives: Clinical Psychology, Positive Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Political Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Letters of Intent (2 pages max) are due Sept 26, 2021. More information on the Primals Research AwardsPrimals Research Awards RFP (PDF, 520 KB) Posted here: Monday April 5, 2021

      DR. BRUCE MCCREARY DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES FUND - Announcing the inaugural funding competition resulting from the establishment of the Dr. Bruce McCreary Developmental Disabilities Fund. This Expendable Fund was established by Queen’s University and supported by family and friends in memory of Dr. Bruce McCreary, M.D. 1962. The intent of this scholarship is to honour Dr. McCreary’s legacy through the interprofessional support of people in clinical disciplines and academic studies to further their studies in the field of developmental disabilities. Deadline for submission: July 1, 2021 More information on the Dr. Bruce McCreary Developmental Disabilities Fund (PDF 123 KB)


      The goal of this symposium is to help clinicians understand both the utility and limitations of genetic testing in psychiatric practice. expert speakers, both researchers and clinicians, will share some of the scientific evidence for the role of pharmacogenomics in psychiatry.  They will review some of the most common genes associated with various psychiatric disorders. They will also present practical pearls so you may learn how to use genetic testing to improve patient outcomes. More information on this symposium (PDF, 1 MB)

      This virtual conference is aimed at academics and professionals, researchers and trainers, educators and students, managers, administrators and directors from all fields of Education Sciences and Developmental Psychology. Specially focused on those working in the field of Family, School and/or Community Education and in the Psychology of Human Development at the practical and/or theoretical level. More information and submission deadlines • Posted here: Monday, April 19, 2021

      Clinical Behavioural Sciences Program, Fall Offerings online, McMaster University

      The Clinical Behavioural Sciences Program was established in 1968 and since this time has evolved to meet the changing needs of our students. Courses are designed to foster an understanding of mental health models of practice and to provide enhanced psychotherapy training to practitioners in the mental health field. The online application is open now until early July. CBS Program website Course Schedule Fall 2021- Spring 2022 Posted here: Monday, April 26, 2021


      NEW! CANADIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (CPA) 82nd ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION PRE-CONVENTION PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS - May 31st to June 5th - The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) is hosting the 82nd Annual National Convention, virtually, from June 7th to June 25th. In addition to the regular programming, the CPA Convention will include several pre-convention professional development workshops from May 31st to June 5th.  All workshops range from 3-6 hours in length and are approved for continuing education (CE) credits by both the Canadian and American Psychological Associations, and most sessions are also approved for CE credits with the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. More information on the pre-convention professional development workshops (PDF, 160 KB)

      GOAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP - MAY 27, 2021 - Join the next virtual GMT Train-the-Trainer Workshop, led by Dr. Brian Levine on May 27, 2021, to learn the latest clinical-scientific information concerning the assessment of executive functions and their rehabilitation with Goal Management Training®. Grounded in neuroscience theory, the emphasis of the workshop will be on practical application, with use of clinical cases. More information on this Goal Management Training Workshop (PDF, 651 KB) Posted here May 3, 2021

      MALTBY CENTRE FOUNDATIONAL SERVICES WORKSHOPS - Maltby Centre is now offering a series of online workshops for parents and caregivers! These workshops are designed to help parents understand concepts related to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), access resources, and increase overall parent capacity. These online workshops are for parents living in Ontario with a valid OAP registration number. More information on the Maltby Centre online workshops (PDF, 1.7 MB) Posted here: Monday, March 22, 2021

      Health and Safety and Mental Health

      NEW! LADDER SAFETY AND FALL PROTECTION - The Department of Environmental Health & Safety has refreshed and are distributing two standard operating procedures that are aimed at protecting employees and students against falls. The first is the Ladder Safety SOP (SOP-Safety-15) (PDF, 72 KB) which outlines the requirements for the use of ladders and/or stepstools to perform work, including the necessary training and review of the SOP by individuals prior to using the device. Included is a one-page guideline for ladder safety that distills the saliant points of the SOP. The second is the Fall Protection SOP (SOP-Safety-20) (PDF, 137 KB) that covers the requirement to use fall protection equipment to complete work at height and the need to ensure that those using the equipment have completed the specific training and reviewed the SOP. Read the Ladder Safety Guidelines here (PDF, 167 KB) More information on Fall Awareness Week (PDF, 72 KB)

      FIRST AID TRAINING POSTPONED - EXPIRY DATE EXTENSIONS - To help adhere to ongoing restrictions related to COVID-19, and due to the requirement of in-person evaluations, First Aid training has been postponed. As restrictions lift the ability to offer this training in a safe environment will be re-evaluate. Once First Aid training can be safely provided, email notices will be sent to Safety Officers to distribute with new training dates and the website registration page will be updated. In the meantime, there has been an extension for First Aid certification expiry dates. Any certification that was completed after March 1, 2017 and would have expired after March 20, 2020, is now extended until December 31, 2021. More information on First Aid training postponement (PDF, 157 KB) Posted here: Monday, April 26, 2021

      Employment Opportunities

      Please note that listings with no application deadlines will be posted in this memo for a maximum of 2 weeks.

      POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP IN DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOUR THERAPY - DBT Centre of Vancouver, BC - More information on this DBT Centre position (PDF, 180 KB)
      The DBT Centre of Vancouver offers yearly full-time post-doctoral fellowships in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) to clinicians who are enthusiastic about developing their clinical skills with complex clients. DBT is a comprehensive psychological treatment that assists people struggling with severe and complex mental health concerns, including suicidal behaviour, self-harm, borderline personality disorder, and emotion regulation difficulties, among other challenges (disordered eating, substance use problems, etc.). Posted here: May 3, 2021

      POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW (3-YEAR APPOINTMENT) COGNITION IN PSYCHOSIS AND MOOD DISORDERS - Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen's University - More on this Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF, 246 KB)
      This fellowship is open to clinical psychology fellows who are interested in conducting research on how early life events, neurocognitive abilities, and cognitive effort are associated with functioning and course of illness in depression. Application deadline: August 1, 2021