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Week of Monday, July 12, 2021

Upcoming Thesis Defenses

ALISON DODWELL, MSc Candidate (Supervisors: Monica Castelhano, Elizabeth Kelley) Thesis Title: The Influence of Implicit Gaze on Complex Visual Search in Neurotypical Individuals who Exhibit Varying Degrees of Autistic Traits

  • Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 12:00 pm EST All defenses will occur remotely, visitors are not permitted

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

JUNE UPDATE: The 2020-2021 EDI committee met for an hour on Thursday June 10th for our twelfth meeting. If you have questions about the items, feel free to get in touch with Sari van Anders. We welcomed each other back, updated ourselves about what we did in the previous meeting and between that meeting and this one, and then discussed the rest of our agenda. EDI Update June 2021 (PDF, 243 KB)

Participate in Psychology Studies

QUEEN'S VISUAL COGNITION LAB - FETTUCCINI PROJECT - The Queen’s Visual Cognition Laboratory is seeking Autistic adults (e.g., Autism Spectrum Condition/ Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder) for an online study on their lived experiences navigating social situations. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and be able to read and write in English. The study takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Poster (PDF, 82 KB) • Participate

Craine and Humphrey and Barrie Street Building Notices

NEW COOLING TOWER FOR CRAINE BUILDING – The new cooling tower for the roof of the Craine Building is expected to arrive on campus July 12th. Arrangements are being made to have it installed immediately upon arrival. Contact Barrie Carson for information on this project.

STEAM SHUTDOWN – Steam service will be offline for Craine Building and Humphrey Hall on Tuesday, June 29 between 8 am and 12 pm to permit Facilities to repair two additional joints on the condensate line in the main steam tunnel for the north campus steam lines. A number of steam valves will also be replaced while the service is offline. There will not be any new steam production for domestic hot water systems, heating or steam-reliant equipment (e.g. autoclaves) during this service interruption.

AGSIP LOUNGE CONSTRUCTION – Construction has begun in the Humphrey 201 (AGSIP Lounge). Contact Sola Ashcroft for information on this project.

C330 CONSTRUCTION – Construction has begun in Craine 330. Contact Sola Ashcroft for information on this project.

H416, H417, H422, H423 CONSTRUCTION – Construction has begun in Humphrey 416, 417, 422, 423. Contact Asim Malik for information on this project.

H443 - H459 CONSTRUCTION – Construction is expected to begin soon in Humphrey 443 to Humphrey 459. Contact Asim Malik for information on this project.

C420 REPAIRS – Minor repairs in Craine 420 to accommodate mass spectrometer equipment. Contact Gord Meacher for information on this project.

H409, H411 FLOORING– A new floor will be installed at a later date in Humphrey 409-411. A project manager has yet to be assigned.

H460 - H471 CONSTRUCTION – Construction will begin at a later date in Humphrey 460 to Humphrey 471). A project manager has yet to be assigned.

HUMPHREY HALL ELECTRICAL UPGRADE – In August, PPS will be replacing the majority of the main electrical service in Humphrey Hall due to the age of the existing equipment. Because of the size, complexity and location of the equipment, there will be a lengthy power shutdown required in order to replace the equipment and the shutdown will affect both Humphrey and Craine. They have asked the contractor to provide a rental generator to supply temporary power to the buildings, but there will be a few days where that will not be possible because of what is being replaced. Contact Janet Pollard for information on this project. Janet will notify the department when there will be power shutdowns.

Important COVID-19 Updates

DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY COVID-19 RESOURCES WEBPAGE - The Department of Psychology COVID-19 Resources Webpage is a hub for Queen's Psychology Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Faculty, Researchers and Staff, affected by COVID19, to find accurate, up-to-date information relating to academics and research. Please check this website regularly

Funding and Financial Information

2021 SSHRC INSIGHT GRANT COMPETITION NOW OPEN - Insight Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program. Insight Grants support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. Funding is available to both emerging and established scholars for research initiatives of two to five years. Go to the 2021 Insight Grant application form. More information on Insight Application Deadlines (PDF, 111 KB).


The goal of this symposium is to help clinicians understand both the utility and limitations of genetic testing in psychiatric practice. expert speakers, both researchers and clinicians, will share some of the scientific evidence for the role of pharmacogenomics in psychiatry.  They will review some of the most common genes associated with various psychiatric disorders. They will also present practical pearls so you may learn how to use genetic testing to improve patient outcomes. More information on this symposium (PDF, 1 MB)

This virtual conference is aimed at academics and professionals, researchers and trainers, educators and students, managers, administrators and directors from all fields of Education Sciences and Developmental Psychology. Specially focused on those working in the field of Family, School and/or Community Education and in the Psychology of Human Development at the practical and/or theoretical level. More information and submission deadlines • Posted here: Monday, April 19, 2021


This Zoom workshop will provide an overview of persistent post Covid symptoms which impact on mental health. It will also provide an overview of recommended management using cognitive behavioural and rehabilitation models from the current guidelines. Dr. Sanjay Rao is an experienced teacher and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. More information on this workshop (PDF, 102 KB)

Employment Opportunities

Please note that listings with no application deadlines will be posted in this memo for a maximum of 2 weeks.

NEW! POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW (FULL TIME) - YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH - Queen's University - More information on this Youth Mental Health position (PDF, 445 KB)
The U-Flourish research team is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to coordinate and further develop several large funded multi-site projects focused on University Student Mental Health. Dr. Anne Duffy is the nominated principal investigator for the U-Flourish Student Mental Health and Academic Success program of research at Queen’s University. Posted here July 12, 2021

POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW (3-YEAR APPOINTMENT) COGNITION IN PSYCHOSIS AND MOOD DISORDERS - Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen's University - More on this Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF, 246 KB)
This fellowship is open to clinical psychology fellows who are interested in conducting research on how early life events, neurocognitive abilities, and cognitive effort are associated with functioning and course of illness in depression. Application deadline: August 1, 2021

NEW! OTHER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES - Academic Job Vacancies at Psychoneuroxy (Word doc, 17 KB) • Psychoneuroxy Website - Posted here July 12, 2021