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Canadian Psychological Association Winners

Canadian Psychological Association Programme of Certificates of Academic Excellence Award Winners

Thursday, June 14, 2018
By Queen's Psychology

Congratulations to the members of our Queen’s Psychology student community that recently earned Canadian Psychological Association Programme of Certificates of Academic Excellence Awards!


Mary Kittur: The Relationship between Emotion Regulation Repertoires and Relationship Quality in Adolescent Best Friend Dyads
Nina Micanovic: P300 Response to Erotic Stimuli Modulated by Explicitness, Attraction, and Disgust
Claire Honda: Functional Connectivity Reveals Interactions Between Human Auditory and Motor Brain Networks During Command Following Behaviour


Steven Lamontagne: Investigating dopaminergic and glucocorticoid systems as underlying mechanisms of anhedonia
Daniel Hargadon: Developing an Implicit Measure of Habit Strength: The Habit IAT
Tanya Tran: Effort-based Decision Making in Behavioral and Cognitive Challenges as Predictors of Functioning in Major Depression


Katherine Holshausen: What’s so funny? An evaluation of the relations among humour use, mirth, and depressive symptomatology
Emma Dargie: Constructing the Vulvar Pain Assessment Questionnaire Inventory
Lyndall Schumann: Environmental Influences and Epigenetic Mechanisms in Risk for Depression

From the Canadian Psychological Society website: The Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association approved in May 1999 the implementation of a Programme of Certificates of Academic Excellence to recognize outstanding achievements made by students at all levels of study in each Canadian department of psychology.

This programme has been endorsed by the Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology. The award is in the form of a certificate that each psychology department in Canada would distribute each year to the best undergraduate, masters and doctoral thesis.

This programme was initiated and is strongly supported by the CPA Section for Students. As such, it is strongly recommended that each review committee include a student, preferably the departmental CPA Student Representative.

Once the selection process is complete, the names are forwarded to the CPA Head Office no later than June 15. CPA will prepare the certificates and return them to the department or mail them directly to the winners. The list of the recipients will be published in the fall issue of Psynopsis and on the CPA web site.

The Canadian Psychological Association strongly believes that students are the future of psychology and that they should be encouraged by having their achievements recognized.