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Department of Psychology COVID-19 Resources for Students, Faculty, Researchers, and Staff


In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, the office of the Department of Psychology is currently closed. However, we are operating remotely and faculty and staff will continue to be available by e-mail. Go to our People page for contact links.

NEW! Queen's University COVID Information Website Updated

The COVID website has been updated to include information on where employees should go to address COVID-19 related concerns. It includes information on how to raise issues of potential non-compliance, such as, witnessing people not following Queen’s or public health protocols, or a concern requiring custodial services attention.  The Return to Campus Guideline (page 14) has also been updated.

NEW! Government of Canada COVID 19 DLI Readiness Plan List

The Government of Canada lists all institutions that have approved DLI’s on the Government of Canada official website. The website is updated regularly. Students traveling from international locations to Canada may use this site to prepare their travel plans after their study permit has been approved.

Students are also encouraged to download the ArriveCAN app for their trip back to Canada and enter their quarantine plan information to that app to make the arrival procedure faster.

COVID-19 preparedness an essential part of Queen’s planning

A new Incident Command Structure is in place at Queen’s to respond to an outbreak of COVID-19 on campus. Read about the Incident Command Structure here

Statement from the Principal on COVID-19 and Queen’s Student Code of Conduct

University to take action to hold accountable students who disregard public health directives and safety measures Read the full statement from the Principal here

Satellite COVID-19 assessment centre opens at Queen’s

Kingston Health Sciences Centre launches satellite facility in Mitchell Hall, providing access to testing for students and easing burden on Kingston’s primary assessment centre. Read the full story here

Information on Accessing Department of Psychology Spaces

The expectation is still that all faculty, staff, and students work remotely; however, there are certain situations that have been deemed by the Faculty to require access.

Please find attached the most recent documents for access to the building for all purposes approved by the Faculty (except for a one-off visit lasting more than 15 minutes – in these cases, please check the NEW spreadsheet at the link below, and then email me if the time appears to be open). Some categories are new (e.g., short-term quiet space access for a graduate student), and these categories are in accordance with the Faculty’s changing guidelines.

Please also note that the spreadsheet for logging in your visit to the building has changed (“Schedule-week of DATE”) and can be found at the link below and the first tab (HOW TO) contains information on how to complete the form.

NOTE: Entrances to Humphrey Hall and Craine Building are still locked. Anyone conducting approved in-person research must meet your participants at the main door of Humphrey Hall to ensure that they are wearing a mask when they enter the building – masks are mandatory in the common areas of the department and when physical distancing cannot be upheld. In addition, you must walk your participants to the exit door once the experiment is over and ensure they leave the building. Participants need an escort into and from the department for safety and security reasons.

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