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Psychology Clinic Sex Therapy Service

Sex and Relationship Therapy Service: Group Programs

There is strong evidence that group programs can be an effective way to provide therapy for a wide range of problems, including sexual concerns. Group programs also provide an opportunity to recognize that others may struggle with similar concerns as we do. Group therapy offered at the SRTS are mainly structured, skills-based groups, meaning that you and the other participants in the group will meet on a regular basis while the group is ongoing to learn new information and strategies to work toward your goals. Like individual therapy, group therapy requires an active effort on your part both during and outside of the group sessions. The group will follow a similar format each week, with specific goals and topics to be covered by the group leaders. Although there will be opportunities for group discussion, how much you share and participate in these discussions will be completely up to you.  

Please see information below about our current and upcoming program offerings:

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Group for Genital Pain (Upcoming Session in Spring 2020)

This 8-week cognitive-behavioural program is for women experiencing recurrent and persistent pain during sexual activity. The group will provide education about genital pain and its effects on sexuality, help identify factors that can influence the experience of chronic pain, and teach a variety of skills—actions and ways of thinking—to cope with pain and improve sexuality.

Men’s Sexual Health Group (Upcoming Session in Summer 2020

Content to be added soon!

Women’s Sexual Pleasure Group (Upcoming Session in Fall 2020)

This 8-week program is for women who want to learn about and improve their experience of sexual pleasure. The group is cognitive-behavioural, meaning that it involves learning specific skills—actions and ways of thinking—that have been shown through research to be effective for improving sexual function and satisfaction. Topics we will cover range from education about anatomy and sexual response, exploring barriers to sexual desire, and learning strategies to increase sexual pleasure.