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Psychology Clinic Sex Therapy Service

Sex Therapy Service

For referral information, please see the Do I Need a Referral? section at the bottom of this page.

Director: Dr. Caroline Pukall, CPsych
Supervising Psychologists: Dr. Caroline Pukall, CPsych, and Dr. Stéphanie Boyer, CPsych (supervised practice)
Consulting Psychiatrist: Natashia Penner, MD, FRCPC
Student therapists: Stephanie Gauvin, Robyn Jackowich, Larah Maunder, Meghan McInnis, and Dan Tassone

Sex Therapy Service Team
Student therapists are an integral part of the Sex Therapy Service. They are selected by, and work under the supervision of, Dr. Pukall and other supervising psychologists at the Service (listed above, if any). All student therapists are in the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University and have expertise in the area of sexuality.

Sexual/Gender issues
The members of the Sex Therapy Service treat individuals and couples/individuals in other types of relationships with a variety of sexual concerns, including the following: low sexual desire, difficulties with sexual arousal/interest, erection difficulties, problems with ejaculation, genital pain (e.g., vulvodynia, vestibulodynia), difficulties with sexual intercourse/activity due to anxiety/discomfort (including vaginismus), and problems with orgasm. We do not treat clients with sexual/porn addictions or paraphilic disorders, such as pedophilic disorder or fetishistic disorder.

We also provide support for individuals who are transitioning and/or who do not identify with their natal sex, in terms of psychoeducation, support, therapy (for the purpose of maximizing a person’s overall psychological wellbeing, quality of life, and self-fulfillment—NOT for altering one’s gender identity), and assessments for a referral for HRT/other medical procedures. Note that our gender diverse clients are aged 18 years and older.

We see clients of all gender and sexual expressions, and relationship configurations.

If you have any questions as to whether you are eligible for the service, please contact the Psychology Clinic.

What type of therapy is done at the Sex Therapy Service?
The type of psychotherapy that we provide at the Sex Therapy Service is primarily based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on how the way that you think and behave impacts your mood, and in turn, how that relates to your sexual life/relationship. It is a structured and skills-building therapy, and it involves active participation from clients during sessions and in between sessions to practice these skills. CBT is also goal-focused, which means that during sessions, we focus on your goals for therapy. The type of service that we provide is different from what’s called “supportive counselling”. Supportive counselling is a type of counselling that involves meeting with your therapist on a regular basis to talk about your concerns, but has less of a focus on structure, goals, and practicing skills between sessions. We adhere to a maximum of 8-16 sessions for most cases.

What can I expect once I start therapy?
The initial appointment is a consultation (“intake”) that lasts around 2-3 hours. There are questionnaires and forms to fill out, and an interview with Dr. Pukall (and/or another supervising psychologist) and a student therapist is completed in order to determine whether sex therapy is appropriate for you. If so, and you are interested in therapy, the student therapist will conduct therapy with you under the supervision of Dr. Pukall (and/or another supervising psychologist).

How much does each session cost?
Intake and session fees are based on a sliding scale ($20-150 per session, see below); arrangements for lower fees can sometimes be made for those with undue financial hardship.


Combined Family Income

Suggested Flat Rate






























How long is the waitlist?
Average wait time is variable and depends on many factors. Presently, it is about 6-12 months.

Do I need a referral?
You can self-refer or you can be referred to us by any health professional. To self-refer, please contact Stacey, the administrative assistant at the clinic, via email ( or phone (613-533-6021). To send a referral, please send a fax to the clinic (attention: STS) at 613-533-3282, or send the referral via snail mail to:

The Psychology Clinic at Queen’s
184 Barrie Street
Kingston, ON K7L 3K1

Click here to see the Sex Therapy Fee Schedule (PDF, 155 KB)