Department Contacts


Administration and Support Staff

Title Name Phone Email
Department Head Kate Harkness 613-533-2492
Associate Department Head Cynthia Fekken 613-533-3882
Department Coordinator, Assistant to the Head Susanne Burrows 613-533-2874
Department Manager Sarah Indewey 613-533-6406
Coordinator of Graduate Studies Mark Sabbagh 613-533-2887
Graduate Program Administrator Giovanna Crocco 613-533-2872
Chair of Undergraduate Studies Meghan Norris 613-533-6018
Assistant to the Undergraduate Chair Anja Wilke 613-533-2493
Finance Administrative Assistant Janessa Shorrock 613-533-2875
PSYC 100 Administrative Coordinator Jenalee Dymond 613-533-6004
Psychology Clinic Administrative Assistant Stacey Burns 613-533-6021
Main Office Assistant Suzanne DeSousa 613-533-6000 x75289

Technical Support Staff

Title Name Phone Email
General Technician Rick Eves (currently on leave)    
Information Technology Assistant Justin Siu 613-533-2867
Information Technology Coordinator Chris Degen 613-533-6262
Web Developer and Graphic Designer Eric Brousseau 613-533-6852