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Department of Psychology Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee



    • Fifth committee meeting
    • Organize resources and add to timeline/priorities (Sari)
    • Work with EDI Committee and Psyc DSC for selecting students to put forward for Young, Gifted, and Black celebration at Queen’s (Sari, Alix, and Isabel)
    • Figuring out rates for consultants (Trinda)
    • Consultants and consultant guidance letter proposal (Sari)
    • Read the TRC report (all)
    • Email out about EDI Reading Group (Sari and Tess)
    • Work on organizing mass speaker list plan (Lisa)
    • Consult with Indigenous Initiatives about the TRC action proposal (Sari)
    • Develop the TRC action proposal (Sari)
    • Admissions and (not just) GRE discussion proposal start (Michele)
    • Finalize grad version of accommodations guidance document (Tess)
    • Find out whom the EDI Committee would refer people to if they brought concerns about individual incidents of social injustice to us (e.g., discrimination) (Sari)
    • Start organizing teaching prep and materials plan (Sari)
    • Work on EDI Training courses proposal (Tess)
    • Create and disseminate guidance document about teaching and social location (Sari)
    • Discuss the EDI Committee at the department open house (Sari)
    • Work to add prioritized items from grad student letters to EDI timeline (Trinda and Lisa)
    • Consult with Clinical Director on a grad student email (Sari)
    • Discuss international student survey results with grad students who did survey (Sari)
    • Consult on the Distinguished Lecture Series invite (Sari)


    • Fourth committee meeting
    • Undergraduate members join committee
    • Consultants and consultant guidance letter proposal (Sari)
    • Develop proposal for EDI Support Committee (Lisa)
    • Bring mandate and name change to the department for a vote (Sari)
    • Start EDI Reading Group planning (Sari & Trinda)
    • Organize mass speaker list plan (Lisa)
    • Finalize accommodations guidance document (Michele)
    • Work on grad version of accommodations guidance document (Tess)
    • Work on EDI training courses proposal (Tess)
    • Work to add prioritized items from grad student letters to EDI timeline (Trinda and Lisa)
  • Consult for Clinical Cultural Competency course (Sari)


    • Third committee meeting
    • Query department about undergraduate members (Sari)
    • Recruitment and selection of undergraduate members (Sari & Trinda)
    • Finalize and submit budget (Tess)
    • Proposals on accommodations guidance document, timeline, grad student letters, EDI reading groups, cross-Canada EDI graduate student groups, teaching, EDI speakers, and mandate.
    • Incorporate agreed-upon proposals into timeline
    • Meet with Four Directions Indigenous Elder (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Meet with Psychology Professor Emeritus involved in past Queen’s EDI initiatives John Berry (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Work on accommodations guidance document (Michele)
  • Finalize and have website up (Michele)
  • Work on prioritizing items from grad student letters to EDI timeline (Trinda and Lisa)


    • Second committee meeting
    • Updates, committee name, consultants, website, budget
    • Planning EDI Committee meeting schedule
    • Initial meeting with Undergrad Chair Meghan Norris about EDI and UG
    • Meeting with Jane Mao, representative invited by QBAS to represent QBAS (discussed accommodations around social injustice)
    • Query department about undergraduate members (Sari)
    • Planning meetings about Town Hall (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Town Hall (initiated/organized by grad students; EDI Committee Chair chaired
    • Work on accommodations guidance document (Michele)

JULY 2020

    • First committee meeting
    • Introduced ourselves, discussed what makes a committee work well, discussed purpose of our committee, developed/finalized goals document, planned on how/when to report back to department, discussed how members are chosen and what committee constitution should look like, discussed support committee, decision by vote, can operate in meetings or email, letters from grad students, response timelines within committee
    • Meeting summary sent out to department
    • Meeting with Cynthia Fekken, Department Head (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Meeting with Meredith Chivers, Clinical area chair (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Query department about undergraduate members (Sari)
    • Meeting with Jill Jacobson about Social-Personality Grad student letter (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Discussions with grad student letter writers and planning for town hall (EDI Chair Sari)
    • Discussing Clinical hiring (EDI Chair Sari phoned four clinical faculty to ask them to consider EDI in hiring focus, read materials, emailed, and asked two consultants for input)



  • Sixth committee meeting
  • Finalize priorities from graduate student letters and add to timeline (Trinda and Lisa)
  • Read the PICRDI report (all)
  • Website fully up (Michele)
  • Online EDI resources for department (Michele)


  • Seventh committee meeting
  • Undergraduate summer EDI proposal (Sari)
  • Review how EDI actions of the year and proposed actions map onto five equity-seeking groups and different department constituents
  • Department EDI data proposal (Lisa and Michele)
  • Hiring materials and focus proposal (Sari and Trinda)


  • Eighth committee meeting
  • Mentoring across difference proposal (Sari)
  • Second EDI reading group (Sari & Trinda)

MARCH 2021

  • Ninth committee meeting
  • Social action planning proposal (Sari)
  • Social action plan proposal (Sari)

APRIL 2021

  • Tenth committee meeting
  • Develop budget for 2021-2022 year.

MAY 2021

  • Eleventh committee meeting

JUNE 2021

  • Twelfth committee meeting
  • Brief new committee members for July turnover.


Psychology EDI reading group

We are excited to invite Psychology faculty, grad students, and post docs to our first Psychology Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) reading group.

Topic: This academic year 2020-2021, we are focusing on learning more about anti-Black racism, Blackness, whiteness, and white supremacy. We will change the topic each year, so please email Sari van Anders with topics you’re interested in. As a sneak preview for the next academic year, we are planning to focus on Indigeneity, settler colonialism, and decolonization.

Books: We have prepared a list of some of the most frequently recommended books on these topics, and ones that we are passionate about. The list includes scholarship, essays, journalism, and autobiographies. Department members were asked to rank their preferences. The EDI committee will pay for the books for all grad students and post-docs.

Format: We will meet once remotely but synchronously for one hour in groups of up to 10 for our first reading group. We will ensure that people have at least one month to read the book before the meeting, so that everyone can have a meaningful discussion. Is reading one book and meeting/discussing for one hour enough? Of course not! It’s a start that can still provide a meaningful experience. We’ll revisit the format after this year. FYI, the groups may be organized separately for faculty and grad students/post docs and the link will ask you about your preferences for this to help our organization.

Who’s Doing This? Well… you are! By learning about and discussing important ongoing EDI issues with department members, you will help to build an engaged community of learners and a knowledge base for change in our department – and beyond. Join us as we aim for at least 30% of faculty  involved in a reading group by the end of summer 2021. Sari van Anders (faculty) and Trinda Penniston (graduate student) from the Psychology EDI Committee will be leading and facilitating the reading groups.

Stay tuned for more details about scheduling and book choice!

Psychology EDI Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Meeting 

The Psychology EDI Committee and Allen Doxtator, an Indigenous Elder and Cultural Advisor with Queen’s Office of Indigenous Initiatives, will hold an EDI TRC meeting for faculty and graduate students in Psychology to discuss the Queen’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Task Force Final Report. Within this structured setting, this meeting will: facilitate engagement, knowledge, and understanding of what the Queen’s TRC report is about; provide ways for department members to consider how the TRC recommendations are relevant to the department; and develop action ideas, suggestions, and plans for addressing the TRC recommendations within the department. The goal is to work with Indigenous knowledge and community members towards a department that is a more just space for Indigenous members and communities; this will need to be one step of many. 

The meeting will be 1.5 hours and held remotely, led by Allen Doxtator and Sari van Anders (EDI Committee Chair). Faculty, graduate students, and post docs will be welcome. Allen’s secretary will take minutes/notes that will be shared with Sari. In advance of the meeting, we will ask participants to read the TRC report, and we will create groups to each focus on a set number of TRC recommendations. 

Stay tuned for more details about scheduling.