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Social Injustice Support Notes

Friday, September 18, 2020 - Message on anti-Asian Discrimination

The Department of Psychology at Queen's University stands with its members in affirming that anti-Asian discrimination is never acceptable and always harmful - to those it targets and to our communities - in the context of COVID-19 or otherwise. Whether such statements are intended to offend our students or community members by racializing individuals, stigmatizing marginalized groups, and/or blaming minoritized communities for larger social issues (including but of course beyond the pandemic), we support those of us who speak out against racism and for justice. We remind ourselves that we in our department have a long way to go to make our education anti-oppressive, and are working on ways that our instruction can increasingly help support anti-racist aims for a more just society. - G. Cynthia Fekken, (Acting) Head of the Department of Psychology

Information about how to request a social injustice support note from the EDI committee: Procedure for Social Injustice Support Notes (PDF, 123 KB)