Resources for self-education about Indigeneity

In February 2021, several members of the department participated in the Psychology EDI Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Action meeting held in collaboration with Allen Doxtator, an Indigenous Elder and Cultural Advisor at Queen’s. One of the suggested action plans developed during the meeting was to create a collection of self-education resources about: Indigeneity; histories of Indigenous communities and settler-colonialism; contemporary issues and forms of oppression perpetrated upon Indigenous peoples; and other topics relevant to research/teaching/clinical practice in psychology. In collaboration with Indigenous Elders and Cultural Advisors with Queen’s Office of Indigenous Initiatives, the Psychology EDI and EDI Support Committees have collated a collection of resources for self-guided learning.

The resources below have been recommended and/or created by Indigenous groups and activists, colleagues, academics, and others. Our goal was to ensure that ~80% of resources were created by Indigenous authors, with ~50% by Indigenous authors in the Canadian settler context. These resources (just) meet or exceed these goals.

Some of the links below will point you to collections of resources on specific topics that were curated by other institutions or organizations. We encourage you to explore these and other resources to learn more about Indigenous peoples, historical and contemporary issues relevant to Indigenous peoples, settler responsibilities for change, and how to be involved in the work we all need to do to advance towards truth and reconciliation.

Browse by topic: The resources below have been tagged with topic categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. You may wish to educate yourself about decolonization ('colonization & decolonization') and reconciliation ('reconciliation'), or you may be interested in learning more about Indigenous peoples' historical and contemporary experiences ('Indigenous histories', 'contemporary Indigenous issues'). For those of you asking yourselves "What can I do?", you might be interested in checking out the 'recommended actions' and 'allyship/settler responsibilities for change' tags. The 'research', 'clinical practice', and 'teaching' tags point to resources for self-education relevant to these respective facets of psychology.