Procedures, Forms, and FAQs


The Psychology Unit REB reviews the applications only of students doing projects supervised by Psychology Department faculty. Psychology students whose projects are supervised by a faculty member from another department or school should submit to their supervisor's unit REB.  Psychology faculty and post-docs submit their applications directly to GREB.

The forms and examples below also can be found on the Queen's University General Research Ethics Board website but are provided here for your convenience. Most of the problems with the applications reviewed by the Psychology Unit REB have to do with the LOI/CF. So, for speedier processing times, please use the LOI/CF template and go through the LOI/CF checklist before submitting your application on TRAQ. Also, make sure your LOI/CF and your statements in the corresponding sections of the GREB application are consistent with each other.  Finally, please note that participants must receive full compensation even if they withdraw. Thus, in online studies, directing participants to close their browser to withdraw generally will not be sufficient.

More information about the Queen's University General Research Ethics Board