New Employee Resources

Below you will find everything you need as a new employee at Queen's University's Department of Psychology. 

Your Queen’s NetID:

To activate a New ID and queen’s email address please follow the following link:


Banking Information
Newly hired and rehired Student and Casual employees must go to the MYHR website page to add or update their banking information as soon as they receive their Net ID and their Queen’s employee email address. MyHR Self Service Website

New Employees Tax forms
CRA has recently revised their 2020 Personal Tax Credits Return ( TD1) form. New employees who have not been paid by Queen’s before, must complete the Payroll – TD1 Fed Form, and  Payroll – TD1 Prov Form at the Financial Services link below. > Payroll – TD1 Fed Form or TD1 Fed Fillable Form

The completed forms should be sent to Payroll Services, Rideau Building.

Casual Employee form 
Go to the Queen's University Human resources Forms webpage and scroll down to Timesheet for Casual and Bi-Weekly Paid Employees


For information on how to request keys for a lab or workspace, please contact the Psychology General Office, Humphrey Hall, Room 232 by emailing and cc

Humphrey 221 Photocopier:

H221 photocopier cards are loaded a max of $50 (500 copies at 10¢/page) at a time. Fill out the form completely and send it to Janessa ( for processing. Afterwards, Justin in the IT Shop will load the copies into your lab account. You’ll then be e-mailed a unique login code. Click here to open the Psychology Photocopier Form (PDF, 368 KB)

Health and Safety:

For Queen's University policy for new employee orientation, go to: SOP New Employee Health and Safety Orientation

Mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training
Ontario Regulation 297/13 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act came into force on July 1, 2014. Under this regulation every employer in Ontario must ensure all workers and supervisors complete, or have completed, an awareness training program that meets the regulatory requirements. This is mandatory in all workplaces in Ontario. Workers must take the training as soon as possible after being hired. Supervisors must take the training prior to assuming a supervisory role. The Queen’s Health and Safety Awareness course includes regulatory requirements for both workers and supervisors.

To access Mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training go to:

After completing the quiz, a page will open showing all the questions, your response and the correct response. The next page will show your final grade. Please print this page as proof of taking the course. After completing the quiz your supervisor or departmental safety officer will orient you to your new department.
Orientation Checklist

Occupational Health & Safety for Supervisors Training
The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario defines a supervisor as a person who has control over the workplace or authority over an employee. Therefore, in a university setting there are a wide range of positions, such as director, department head, departmental managers, departmental technicians, principal investigators, and in some cases post doctorate fellows and graduate students, that could be considered supervisors. These sessions are open to all faculty, staff and graduate students that have supervisory responsibilities at the university and have completed the mandatory on-line Health & Safety Awareness session.

To register for Occupational Health & Safety for Supervisors training please go to:

WHMIS Training
The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that all employees, or supervisors of employees, who work with or who are in proximity of chemicals receive WHMIS training. After completing the Full WHMIS training, you are required to complete the on-line Refresher quiz on an annual basis.

To register for WHMIS training please go to:

Queen's Policies

Accessible Customer Service Online Training

To ensure that the University achieves regulatory compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, everyone who interacts on its behalf with the public must be trained in accessible customer service. This training requirement applies to all faculty, staff, student leaders, managers, department heads and senior administrators. To fulfill its reporting obligations, the University is required to track all employees who complete the training. When you have completed the training, you will be asked to confirm your completion and provide your first name, last name and department, if applicable.

The course consists of three (3) modules and will take on average a little over one (1) hour to complete. You may complete all three modules in one sitting or you may bookmark and return where you left off to complete them at a later time. Please consider visiting our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions like who this training requirement applies to or whether you have to complete the Queen's training even though you've completed similar training at another organization.

For these or any other questions about the training or the AODA, please contact the Equity Office.

To begin the course please go to: