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Dr. Hans C. Dringenberg, PhD, Professor
Department of Psychology
Centre for Neuroscience Studies
Queen's University, Kingston ON, K7L 3N6
T: 613-533-6215  F: 613-533-2499

Lab News

Oct. 1, 2019: Graduate Student Recruiting

We are now recruiting new graduate students to start in Sep. 2020. Please contact Hans Dringenberg ( for further information.

Sep. 30, 2019: The "Handbook of Sleep Research", edited by Hans Dringenberg is now published.

Handbook of Sleep Research

Handbook of Sleep Research, Volume 30 - 1st Edition

Handbook of Sleep Research, Volume 30, provides a comprehensive review of the current status of the neuroscience of sleep research. It begins with an overview of the neural, hormonal and genetic mechanisms of sleep and wake regulation before outlining the various proposed functions of sleep and the role it plays in plasticity, and in learning and memory. Finally, the book discusses disorders of sleep and waking, covering both lifestyle factors that cause disrupted sleep and psychiatric and neurological conditions that contribute to disorders.