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Fourth Year Student Instructions for SOLUS Preselection Process

Available June 19th through June 24th.

When selecting your courses for Advanced Course Selection, be sure to add them to your shopping cart in order of preference. As you add a course to your shopping cart, it is date and time stamped. That is the information that we will use to determine your order of preference. If your first choice is offered in the fall term, add it first. If your next choice is offered in the winter term, you must change terms first and then add your next choice. Follow this process until you have added all of your course requests to your shopping cart.

In this PDF example, the student is a medial in ENGL and HIST so she will be preselecting her 4th year courses in both of these subject areas.

Advanced Course Selection Example (PDF, 317 KB)

This is a new system this year.  You will have priority selection for your courses going into 4th year. Part of this process involves something called “pre-selection.” In pre-selection, ahead of SOLUS class selection, you have the ability to select certain courses ahead of time that we pre-approve you for. There is no guarantee that you will be enrolled into your preferred courses, but we do our best to maximize selections across all students (e.g., please recognize that with 140 majors, only 25 can get into each seminar). Courses that you can pre-select for include seminars, labs, 300-level courses, and statistics courses. Please ensure that you are selecting courses that you require to graduate—run your AAR in SOLUS to determine what you need in terms of Cluster A, B, etc. You can find your degree requirements HERE, and find out how to run your AAR HERE

Fall Courses
301 Advanced Statistical Inference
Lab courses
323 Laboratory in Attention (lab course; Cluster A)
371 Research Problems in Behavioural Neuroscience (lab course; Cluster A)
380 Advanced Perception (lab course; Cluster A)
300-level lectures
333s (online) Human Sexuality (Cluster B)
342 The Psychology of Social Influence (Cluster B)
351 Social and Emotional Development
370s (online) Brain and Behaviour II (online) (Cluster A)
397s (online) History of Modern Psychology (online) (Cluster B)
398 Selected Topics in Psychology I - Functional Neuroimaging of Human Cognitive Brain Function (Cluster A)
399 Selected Topics in Psychology II - Advanced Child Clinical Psychology (Cluster B)
321 Psycholinguistics
400 Applied Research in Higher Education
423 Selected Topics in Real World Scene Perception
430 The Self
442 Culture and Cognition
450 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology
456 Theory of Mind
480 Advanced Topics:  Pain: Body and Mind
501 Honours Thesis
Winter Courses
302 Advanced Research Methods
Lab Courses
315 Introduction to the Analysis of Psychological Signals (lab course; Cluster A)
355 Comparative Cognition: Cognitive Origins Laboratory (lab course; Cluster A)
300-Level Lectures
332 Health Psychology (Cluster B)
333s (online) Human Sexuality (online) (Cluster B)
352 Cognitive and Language Development (Cluster A or B)
353 Atypical Development (Cluster A or B)
370 Brain and Behaviour II (Cluster A)
398 Selected Topics in Psychology I - Gender Hormones & Behaviour (Cluster A)
398 Selected Topics in Psychology I - Behavioural Neuroeconomics (Cluster A)
399 Selected Topics in Psychology II - Advanced Adult Clinical Psychology (Cluster B)
399 Selected Topics in Psychology II - Judgement and Decision Making (Cluster B)
321 Psycholinguistics
422 Selected Topics in Attention
435 Advanced Topics in Abnormal Psychology
436 Sexuality and Gender
437 Mood Disorders
450 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology
473 Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders
480 Introduction to Applied Clinical Psychology
501 Honours Thesis