SOLUS Preselection Process


Fourth Year Students – Advanced Course Selection

Available July 27 – 29, 2020.

Students who are going into 4th year will be invited to participate in pre-selecting courses they need to complete in order to graduate within the year. In this pre-selection, ahead of SOLUS class registration, you have the ability to select certain courses ahead of time that we pre-approve you for. There is no guarantee that you will be enrolled into your preferred courses, but we do our best to maximize selections across all students. Courses that you can pre-select for include seminars, labs, and statistics PSYC courses. You will only be registered for these courses which you require to graduate. To ensure that you are  pre-selecting courses that you require to graduate—run your AAR in SOLUS to determine what you need in terms of your outstanding degree requirements. You can find your degree requirements HERE, and find out how to run your AAR HERE.

All other requirements you must register for yourself during your scheduled enrollment timeslot. You are responsible for ensuring you are registered for the courses required to graduate. We are here to help, and hope this process is assistive, but you need to ensure that you have checked and are registered for what you require.

The PSYC Undergraduate Office will be sending out emails inviting you to this pre-selection process around the time the time table will be published. For Fall/Winter 2020/2021, the time table is scheduled to be published Friday, July 24. Please watch your email for important communication from us and do not hesitate to reach out for questions!