Admission Requirements

Prospective students pursuing a Psychology concentration are admitted into the Faculty of Arts & Science by the Undergraduate Admission office, in either the Arts or the Sciences. Please contact the Undergraduate Admission office at if you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the below web-links.

Applying from High School:

Admission requirements vary across  Canadian, American, and International Schools, with consideration for those who have completed Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) course credits. These are all addressed on the Undergraduate Admission webpage, here:

Competitive Averages for Admission Consideration can be found here:

Information on Transfer Credit assessments can be found at:

If you are a student in Ontario, the following General and Program-specific requirements apply:

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and six 4U and M courses. Students in francophone schools may offer the equivalent of English 4U.

Program Requirements:

Arts (application code [QA]): English 4U, plus two additional 4U courses.

Science (application code [QS]): English 4U, Advanced Functions 4U, Calculus and Vectors 4U, plus two of Biology 4U, Chemistry 4U or Physics 4U.

Note: We also recommend that students have at least grade 11-level  Biology, as well as complete Data Management 4U, which has been beneficial to those students who take PSYC 202/3.0 Statistics in Psychology, in their 2nd year of an Honours PSYC concentration. However, note that these courses are NOT required for admission, but are simply recommendations for our program.

How to Apply: Full-time:

Applying from University/College:

If you have attempted fewer than 24.0 units, you are considered a first year applicant. Please visit the How To Apply page for more information. 

Definition of Upper-Year Candidates:

  • Students who have attempted a minimum 24.0 units (or equivalent) at another accredited university or college with a university transfer program. 24.0 Queen’s units are typically 4 full-year courses (one course taken over two terms) or 8 one-term only courses. Upper-year candidates have generally attended university for a minimum of 2 terms.

  • Ontario community college students who are in a three-year diploma program and will be graduating.

  • Graduates from three-year Ontario community college diploma programs.

  • CEGEP students who are in the final year of three-year professional/career programs who will be receiving their DEC.

  • Graduates of a three-year CEGEP professional/career programs who have their DEC.

*At this time, the Department of Psychology is unable to directly accept Upper-Year Candidates into our Honours Psychology plans, due to capacity limitations*

For a list of available programs, please see the following link:

However, Upper-Year Candidates may pursue a Distance 3-year B.A. degree in Psychology through the Arts & Science Online office:

*Distance students cannot transfer or upgrade their degree to on-campus studies at Queen’s.