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Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy

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Policy on Energy / Policy on the Environment


The mandate of QIEEP is to facilitate research into policy issues regarding energy and the environment, topics on which the work of academic researchers has relevance to policy formation, and where knowledge mobilization and knowledge translation present interesting challenges.

In the ten years since its inception, Queen's Institute of Energy and Environmental Policy (QIEEP) has tracked and aided the Ontario transition from a jurisdiction heavily reliant on electricity from coal to one that leads the country in generation alternatives. 

QIEEP has also taken a role in understanding the energy and environmental vulnerabilities of Canada's Northern and Arctic communities; has examined the evolution of social license in the implementation of renewable energy policy and in the rollout of alternative energy technologies; has traced the emergence of water resources as an organizing principle of social opportunity, and has participated locally in the dramatic shift from 1990's business as usual to a 21st Century emphasis on conservation and municipal economic development based on alternative and distributed generation.