Queen's International Institute on Social Policy

Queen's International Institute on Social Policy
Queen's International Institute on Social Policy

2020 Queen's International Institute - Building back better: Forging a post pandemic social contract that works for all[Image]

Meet our Speakers 

Meet our Moderators

(in alphabetical order)



Daron Acemoglu [image]

Daron Acemoglu
M.I.T. Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kevin Banks [image]

Kevin Banks
Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace, Faculty of Law, Queen's University

Daniel Beland [image]

Daniel Béland
James McGill Professor; Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, McGill University

Janine Berg [image]

Janine Berg
Senior Economist, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Irene Bloemraad [image]

Irene Bloemraad
Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies & Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative, University of California, Berkeley

Robin Boadway [image]

Robin Boadway
Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, Queen’s University

Carrie Bourassa [image]

Carrie Bourassa
Director, Institute of Indigenous Peoples' Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Heather Boushey [image]

Heather Boushey
President and CEO, Center for Equitable Growth, Washington, DC

David Coletto [image]

David Coletto
CEO, Abacus Data

Miles Corak [image]

Miles Corak
Professor of Economics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Andrea Doucet [image]

Andrea Doucet
Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Brock University

Laura Gardiner [image]

Laura Gardiner
Director of Research, Resolution Foundation, UK

David Green [image]

David Green
Professor of Economics, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia

Hilary Hoynes [image]

Hilary Hoynes
Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Kevin Milligan [image]

Kevin Milligan
Professor of Economics, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia

Rene Morissette [image]

René Morissette
Assistant Director, Statistics Canada

Ben Page [image]

Ben Page
Chief Executive, IPSOS-Mori, UK

Ito Peng [image]

Ito Peng
Professor of Sociology and Munk School, University of Toronto

Stefano Scarpetta [image]

Stefano Scarpetta
Director, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Hon. Hugh Segal [image]

Hugh Segal
Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy, Queen’s University

Samir Sinha [image]

Samir SInha
Director of Geriatrics, Sinai Health



Debra Thompson [image]

Debra Thompson
Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University




Meet our Moderators

Catherine Adam [image]

Catherine Adam
Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment and Social Development Canada

Keith Banting [image]

Keith Banting
Stauffer-Dunning Fellow and Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University

Margaret BIggs [image]

Margaret Biggs
Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy, Queen's University

Denise A. Cole [image]

Denise A. Cole
Deputy Minister, Ministry for Seniors & Accessibility, Ontario

Jennifer Ditchburn [image]

Jennifer Ditchburn
Editor, Policy Options, Institute for Research on Public Policy

Janet Menard [image]

Janet Menard
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Ontario

Jennifer Robson [image]

Jennifer Robson
Associate Professor, Kroeger College, Carleton University

Mark Stabile [image]

Mark Stabile
Stone Chaired Professor in Wealth Inequality, INSEAD, Paris

Armine Yalnizyan [image]

Armine Yalnizyan
Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers, Atkinson Foundation