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Queen's International Institute on Social Policy
Queen's International Institute on Social Policy

About the Queen's International Institute on Social Policy

The annual Queen’s International Institute on Social Policy (QIISP), which was established in 1995, brings together senior policy-makers and leading researchers to review recent research findings and to discuss major directions in social policy. It is organized by the School of Policy Studies of Queen’s University with support from the Governments of Canada, Ontario, the Region of Peel and the City of Toronto.

Features of QIISP that make distinctive contributions to the social policy community include:

  • A focus on research, knowledge, transfer and informed debate
  • Participation of senior policy-makers from all levels of government in Canada, as well as from the voluntary sector.
  • An international perspective, with speakers coming from international organizations, universities and research organizations from around the world.
  • Contributions from leading Canadian researchers from universities, think tanks and government agencies.


QIISP Conference Organizers

Naomi Alboim [image]
Naomi Alboim
Distinguished Fellow


Naomi Alboim is a Distinguished Fellow at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University.

Ms. Alboim is an active public policy consultant and has advised governments and NGOs across Canada, in Europe, the Caribbean, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, and Kenya.

Previously, Ms. Alboim worked at senior levels in the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments for twenty-five years, including eight years as Deputy Minister in three different portfolios. Her areas of responsibility included immigration, human rights, labour market training, workplace standards, culture, as well as women’s, seniors’, disability and aboriginal issues.

Naomi is a recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Gold and Diamond Jubilee Medals and is a member of the Order of Ontario.




Keith Banting [image]
Keith Banting
Professor Emeritus


Keith Banting is the Stauffer Dunning Fellow in the School of Policy Studies and professor emeritus in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. His research focuses on the politics of social policy, and his recent publications explore two dimensions of the social role of the state: the politics of inequality; and the relationship between multiculturalism and social solidarity. In the first area, he has published Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics (UBC Press 2013), edited with John Myles. In the field of multiculturalism, he is co-editor with Will Kymlicka of Multiculturalism and the Welfare State: Recognition and Redistribution in Contemporary Democracies (Oxford University Press 2007), and The Strains of Commitment: The Political Sources of Solidarity in Diverse Societies (Oxford University Press, 2017). Dr. Banting is a member a member of the Order of Canada and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.


Margaret Biggs [image]
Margaret Biggs
Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy


Margaret Biggs is the Matthews Fellow in Global Public Policy at Queen’s University where she specializes in social policy, global sustainable development and democratic governance. From 2008-2013 she was President of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and responsible for leading Canada's global development and humanitarian assistance efforts worldwide. She served as Deputy Secretary in the Privy Council Office (Plans and Priorities) and as Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for policies and programs in the areas of social development, labour markets, skills and learning. Ms. Biggs is Chair of the Board of Governors for the International Development Research Centre and Chair of World University Services Canada. She co-led the Study Group on Education’s report Global Education for Canadians: Equipping Young Canadians to Succeed at Home and Abroad (November 2017).



Rachel Laforest [image]
Rachel Laforest
Associate Professor


Rachel Laforest is Associate Professor in the School of Policy Studies, Queen's University in Canada. Her areas of expertise are the study of governance and inter-sectoral collaboration. Her current research interests focus on poverty reduction strategies, mental health and addictions, and education policy. She is also interested in intergovern-mental relations and Canadian politics. She is the author of Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State, UBC Press, which won the ANSER-ARES best book award in 2014. She is also the editor of Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013 and The New Federal Policy Agenda and the Voluntary Sector: On the Cutting Edge, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009. She is currently Visiting Professor in the Institute for Public Policy and Governance at the University of Technology, Sydney. She has held Visiting appointments at the Centre for Nonprofit Management, School of Business, Trinity College Dublin and the School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy, University of Ulster.