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QJBC in Singapore, November 2014

The Queen’s Joanna Briggs Collaboration team will be actively contributing to the program at the 9th Biennial Joanna Briggs International Colloquium, November 10-12, in Singapore.

  1. Nov. 10, 1530-1650 (Workshop)​ Drs. Rosemary Wilson, Margaret Harrison, Christina Godfrey, Kim Sears. ​Upfront approach to a JBI Review: scoping more effectively with complex topics. Next steps
  1. Nov. 11, 1135-1155 (Presentation) Drs. Christina Godfrey, Kim Sears.​ Patient safety incidents: What to do after the event
  1. Nov. 11, 1215-1315 (Lunch Symposium -Walters Kluwer) ​Drs. Rosemary Wilson, Anne Woods (WK).​ Evidence of Impact: Making a difference at the point of care
  1. Nov. 12, 0830-0930 (Plenary Session) Dr. Margaret Harrison. Energizing global healthcare: Evidence for action 
  1. Nov. 12, 1340-1400 (Presentation) Dr. Rosemary Wilson. Exploring conceptual and theoretical frameworks for Nurse Practitioner Education: A Scoping Review

During the week preceding the symposium, Drs. Godfrey, Sears and Wilson will also be completing advanced preparation and certification offered by JBI to facilitate delivery of JBI’s Comprehensive Systematic Review Training workshops.

For more information about the conference, see: http://www.jbicolloquium2014singapore.com/index.shtml