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QJBC Directors and School of Nursing faculty, Christina Godfrey, Kim Sears, Rosemary Wilson and Amanda Ross-White, have been busy with multiple research, systematic review, education and publication activities over these past few months.  Here's a peak at the some of the action:


1. COUPN (Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing) Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) Evaluation Funds awarded to:

Karen McQueen, RN, PhD Associate Professor Lakehead University School of Nursing; Karen Poole, RN, MEd, MA(N) Director and Associate Professor Lakehead University School of Nursing, Rosemary Wilson, RN(EC), PhD, Assistant Professor Queen’s University; Jennifer Medves, RN, PhD Director School of Nursing and Vice-Dean (Health Sciences) Queen’s University.

Focus of project: To develop, deliver and evaluate a preceptor workshop to PHCNP preceptors, utilizing the Capability Framework as the theoretical foundation for the workshop.

2. CASN (Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing) funding awarded to:

Rosemary Wilson RN(EC) PhD, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Queen’s University; Deputy Director Practice/KnowledgeTranslation of the Queen’s Joanna Briggs Collaboration; Monakshi Sawhney RN(EC) PhD; Dana Edge RN PhD; Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof RN DrPH; Genevieve Pare MSc.

Focus of project: Nurse practitioner prescribing of controlled drugs and substances for individuals with complex and chronic disease: Development of an e-learning resource. Since receiving this award, the team has been asked to develop two additional resources focused on prescriptions for palliative and end-of-life care and populations with addictions.

3. Queen’s University International Research funding for project: Building skills in evidence synthesis to advance healthcare awarded to:

Dr. Christina Godfrey, RN, PhD, Scientific Director, Queen’s Joanna Briggs Collaboration

Focus of project: Building individual and institutional capacity in Africa by assisting and supporting healthcare teams in the rigorous process of evidence synthesis and critical appraisal of literature. Support will be offered to teams consisting of librarians, clinicians, researchers and graduate students: the skills gained through this mentorship will support the innovative use of evidence for healthcare decision-making and knowledge implementation.

4. Canada Africa Research Exchange Grants: International Development Research Centre awarded to:

Johnson A, Parlow J., Mahaffey R, VanDenKerkhof E, Wilson RA, Twagirumugabe T, Nyirigira G, and Goldstein D.

Focus of project: Education and practice in peri-operative pain management at two academic medical centres in Rwanda. Dr. Wilson was in Rwanda twice this year doing iKT in the implementation of an educational and clinical program to improve peri-operative pain care in the Rwandan health care context in the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Butare  (photo)

Systematic Reviews in progress:

  1. Harder, N., Luctkar-Flude, M., Goldsworthy, S., Sears, K. & Wilson-Keates, B. Self-regulation, self-reflection and self-assessment in simulation: A systematic review.
  2. Luctkar-Flude, M., Wilson-Keates, B ., Harder. N, Sears, K. & Goldsworthy, S. Psychological fidelity and psychological safety in simulation: A systematic review.
  3. Sears, K., Luctkar-Flude, M., Godfrey, C.M., Ross-White, A. & Goldsworthy, S. (In progress). Faculty Development in Simulation: A scoping review. 
  4. Rosemary Wilson, Identifying effective non-pharmacologic interventions for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS): A systematic review protocol.
  5. Julie Zalan, Rosemary Wilson, Michael McMullen, Amanda Ross-White. Frailty indices as a predictor of postoperative outcomes: a systematic review protocol - JBISRIR Vol 13 No 8 August 2015
  6. Rosemary Wilson, Christina M. Godfrey, Kim Sears, Jennifer Medves, Amanda Ross-White, Natalie Lambert. Exploring conceptual and theoretical frameworks for nurse practitioner education: a scoping review protocol; Vol 13 No 10, November  2015
  7. Loretta McCormick, Christina M. Godfrey, John Muscedere, Shawn Hendrikx, Integrated knowledge translation strategies in the acute care setting: a scoping review of the literature
  8. Kathryn Hyndman, Roger Thomas, Annette Schultz, Steven Patterson, Sharon Compton, Rainer Schira, Christina Godfrey, Jenifer Bradley, Kathryn Chachula, The Effectiveness of Tobacco Intervention Education for Health Professional Students’ Practice: A Systematic Review Protocol
  9. Marilyn Macdonald, Ruth Martin-Misener, Melissa Helwig, Lisa Janette Smith, Christina M. Godfrey, Janet Curran, Andrea Murphy, The experiences of adults with cystic fibrosis in adhering to medication regimens: a qualitative systematic review
  10. Lynne Young, Clare Koning, Debra Sheets, Pal Skar, Kara Schick-Makaroff, Christina Godfrey, Effectiveness of physical activity interventions on the health of older women: a systematic review
  11. June Raymond, Christina Godfrey, Nursing student patient safety errors in the practice domain: A scoping review of the quantitative and qualitative evidence


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