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Susan Beatty

Susan Beatty is the Head, Information Commons, University of Calgary. She was also a member of the recent Learning Services Implementation Team for the Taylor Family Digital Library.  Susan has presented at various international conferences in Hong Kong, New Zealand, United States, England and Scotland.

Charlie Bennett

Charlie Bennett has been the East Commons Coordinator at the Georgia Tech Library since 2006

Michele Chittenden

Michele Chittenden has been Coordinator of Library Services for Students with Disabilities at Queen’s University for sixteen years. She has been actively involved in creating equitable library services for persons with print disabilities through her work as Convenor of the Canadian Library Association’s Special Interest Group on Library Services to Persons with Disabilities (1994-1998); her membership on the Transcription Services Steering Committee, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (1996-2003); and through numerous national and international presentations on access to information for persons with disabilities. Michele is involved in creating equitable library services for persons with print disabilities through her work on the Canadian Library Association’s Initiative for Equitable Library Access.

In 1994, Queen’s Library won the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries (CACUL) Innovation Achievement award for its accessible library services to university students who have a disability

 In 2005-2006, Michele was also acting Coordinator of the Queen’s Learning Commons (QLC) and continues to be a member of the QLC Services Team. 

Sarah Coysh

Sarah Coysh is the E-learning Librarian for all five libraries at York University. She is also a bilingual reference librarian at the Frost Library, Glendon Campus. Sarah's most recent projects include: incorporating library resources in the CMS (Moodle), re-designing the Library web page, implementing a new discovery layer (VuFind), and designing an online presence for the Learning Commons. Her research interests include online learning and emerging technologies.

Nancy Cunningham, MBA, MA

Nancy started at the University of South Florida, Tampa Library in 2005 as the Associate Director for Reference and Instruction. Her current position is Director of Academic Services. She supervises reference services, library instruction, and access services which include circulation and media resources. Nancy’s career in librarianship has focused on public services. She has training as a business librarian and has worked in both corporate and academic libraries over the last twenty-five years. Her areas of research are human resources within academic libraries and business librarianship. In addition, Nancy has worked as a Latin American bibliographer and speaks fluent Spanish.  

Erin DeLathouwer

Erin DeLathouwer is the Coordinator of the Learning Communities Program offered through the University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

Jackie Druery

Jackie Druery is the Head of Learning and Research Services for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Stauffer Library at Queen's University. She has coordinated the Inquiry@Queen's undergraduate conference since 2007.

Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards is a senior data analyst in the Data Resource Centre at the Library Learning Commons. She draws on her PhD knowledge in experimental design and innovative pedagogical approaches to create unique opportunities for learners to interact, acquire and master data management and data analysis skills.  

Kim Garwood  

Kim Garwood is a writing consultant on the Learning & Curriculum Support Team. She is currently pursuing a PhD with an interest in composition theory and pedagogy and the impact of writing centres on university student skill development.

Julie Hannaford

Julie is currently Director, Information Resources & Services at the OISE library, University of Toronto; she has been with OISE since December, 2003. Julie works very closely with partners within OISE’s Education Commons, which brings a highly integrated approach to providing information systems, resources, expertise and support for a wide range of educational projects. Performing her administrative duties is important, but Julie still enjoys having the opportunity to work directly with students and faculty on research questions and supporting them in their research endeavours. She has a keen interest in Web2.0 technologies and enjoys exploring how they can be used in educational/academic settings. Julie has also been a key member of the team involved in developing e-Learning Ontario’s Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB: http://www.elearningontario.ca/eng/bank/Default.aspx), a collaborative learning object repository geared towards kindergarten through grade 12.

Sheryl Hook

In the positions Sheril has held over the past 11 years, she has worked collaboratively with campus units to integrate writing and peer-to-peer support in Learning Commons and to embed information literacy into the curriculum. Her work on the Teaching Teams Program, while at the University of Arizona, was supported by a grant from FIPSE, U.S. Department of Education. In 2007, she and James K. Elmborg were the recipients of the Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award for their book, Centers for Learning: Writing Centers and Libraries in Collaboration, Publications in Librarianship #58. Her other publications include book indexes, conference proceedings, book chapters, reviewed articles, and a textbook published in-house for use in an undergraduate course. She regularly presents at conferences and serves on the editorial boards of two journals: College and Research Libraries and Communications in Information Literacy. She teaches Designing and Delivery Effective IL Courses and Programs in the iSchool at the University of Toronto and Foundations of Information Studies at UofT Mississauga.

Carol Koechlin

During her career Carol Koechlin has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher librarian, educational consultant, staff development leader and as an instructor for Educational Librarianship courses for York University and University of Toronto. Carol continues to contribute to the field of information literacy and school librarianship with the writing of professional books and articles, facilitating on-line courses, and presenting workshops in Canada and the United States.

Dale Lackeyram

Dale Lackeyram is a science learning specialist on the Learning & Curriculum Support Team. He draws on his PhD studies (Physiology and Disease), and his scholarly research on teaching and learning, to develop new curricula that intentionally embeds academic support and research skills.

J.P. Lewis  

J.P. Lewis is a writing consultant on the Learning & Curriculum Support Team. As a PhD candidate himself (Political Science), he is interested in learner-centred approaches to support graduate student skill development outside the traditional curriculum.  

  Dr. David V. Loertscher

Dr. David V. Loertscher is a professor in the School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University. Dr Loerstcher is co-editor of Teacher Librarian and a valued author and publisher of many professional texts in the field of school librarianship. He is a past president of the American Association of School Librarians and an international consultant.

Joannah O’Hatnick

Joannah O'Hatnick has worked as a Learning Specialist in the Learning Commons at the University of Guelph since 2003. She has taught or provided academic support services to university students in North America since 1994. She holds an M.A. in Adult Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Minnesota

Dr. Patricia Maher

Patricia Maher’s career in the field of education spans 30 years, and includes experiences at all levels and stages of education. She holds a Ph. D. in Adult Education, an MA in Learning Disabilities/School Administration, and a BA in Special Education. Her professional roles have included classroom teaching, educational consulting, school administration, university instruction, and research. Her publications include book chapters, journal articles, research, and conference papers.

In each setting, Dr. Maher’s professional practice and research have continuously centered on the enhancement of teaching and learning through a better understanding of the human mind. Over the past ten years, her most recent activities have included facilitating programs and conducting research involving the Let Me Learn Process®, an advanced learning system which is utilized to enhance individual learning and group process for individuals of all ages.  

Dr. Maher currently serves as the Director of Tutoring and Learning Services, part of the USF Tampa Library Learning Commons. She is in charge of a variety of tutoring and learning assistance programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. In this capacity she is a member of several USF Academic Councils and also serves as an adjunct faculty member for the College of Education.

Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills is an Assistant Librarian at The University of Western Ontario. In 2004, she began her career as a research and instructional services librarian with Western Libraries, where her responsibilities included portfolio assignments for English Language & Literature and Outreach Services. In December 2008, Melanie took on a Term Appointment in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies’ Graduate Resource Centre (GRC), and is currently engaged in space planning for a new library and information facility for the Faculty.

Julie Mitchell

As Learning Services Librarian for the Chapman Learning Commons, Julie works collaboratively with the UBC campus community to develop and deliver learning support and academic enhancement opportunities for students. She coordinates the Chapman Learning Commons Help Desk, including hiring, supervising and training a team of student assistants to staff the desk and work on student-driven projects. Julie also liaises with faculty and staff partners to coordinate the suite of learning support services offered in the Chapman Learning Commons. Passionate about teaching, learning, and application of new technology in the library environment, Julie is invested in empowering students to become successful lifelong learners.

Vivienne Monty

Vivienne Monty is a Senior Librarian at Frost Library, on York University’s bilingual Glendon Campus. Vivienne is the Chair of the Online Commons Committee for York University (YULearn). She is a former President of the Canadian Library Association and has written widely on reference services and government information.

Kathy Musial

Kathy Musial is the founding and current coordinator of British Columbia Institute of Technology's Learning Commons, which opened its doors in 2005. She oversees peer-mediated delivery of English Conversation Groups, Study Skills Seminars, and Peer Tutoring. In order to develop innovative and responsive services she pursues collaborative partnerships, with faculty, student service areas, and the BCIT Student Association. Kathy holds BSc and BEd degrees from the University of Western Ontario and an MEd in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia. She has worked as Technology Entry Program Head and as Learning Strategies Instructor in the Disability Resource Centre at BCIT and has also spent a number of years teaching in elementary and secondary schools.

Simon Neame

As the Learning Centre’s Assistant Director, Simon is responsible for the development of programs and services, management of staff and daily operations and for providing leadership and oversight of the Chapman Learning Commons. Prior to joining the Learning Centre, Simon worked for the Information Services Division of the UBC Library where he was involved in the establishment of UBC’s first learning commons in 2001. Simon joined the project team for the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre in 2003 and was responsible for the development of student learning spaces and the integration of technology. As the Head of the Chapman Learning Commons Simon works with a dedicated team to create a supportive learning environment for students and others.

Lesley Pease

Lesley Pease became head of the SU Library Learning Commons in July 2008. The Learning Commons comprises the lower three floors of Bird Library (approximately 30,000 square feet for each floor). We have developed partnerships (and some space sharing) with campus tutoring services; academic integrity services; design faculty and students, office of disability services, the writing program, and the office of multicultural affairs.

Lesley’s previous positions included Head, Social Sciences & Area Studies and Head, Maps & Government Information Department at Syracuse University Library. She has served as Adjunct Faculty for the Syracuse University School of Information Studies and the Web Administrator for American Library Association GODORT (Government Documents Roundtable).

Dr. Vicky Remenda

Vicki Remenda is passionate about inquiry learning.  She held the 2006-2009 Queen's Chair in Teaching and Learning, and in that position co-created a program called Inquiry@Queen's which seeks to foster opportunities for undergraduate students to be researchers and scholars.  In addition to her work in inquiry learning, Vicki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. 

Robin Sakowski 

Robin Sakowski is a Learning & Curriculum Support librarian at the University of Guelph and the coordinator of faculty requests for research skills support sessions. She is keenly interested in improving how we support graduate students to develop academic and professional skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Darlene Warren

Darlene Warren is the Associate University Librarian for Client Services at the University of Calgary. She has played a leadership role in the planning and development of Information Commons and Learning Commons at the University of Calgary since the service was first developed in the late 1990’s. Most recently, Darlene chaired the Learning Services Implementation Team.

Peter Webster

Peter Webster has been Systems Librarian for the Patrick Power Library at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1993. He received his MLS from Dalhousie university in 1986, and also holds a Certificate in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, and a BA in History and English from the University of Alberta. He has been closely involved with the NOVANET academic library consortium in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Scholarly Information Network (ASIN) regional consortium in Atlantic Canada.

Peter Webster has presented at conferences including ALA, CLA, and LITA Forum.

Jo-Anne Westerby

Jo-Anne joined Mohawk College in 1999 as Library Director. She championed student success by challenging the college to integrate academic support services in a one-stop-shopping approach. After acting as IT Director in 2005-2006, Jo-Anne assumed responsibility for Libraries, Learning Centres as well as the Centre for Teaching and Learning - including e-Learning, academic computing, faculty development and curriculum design. This synergistic, collaborative, and productive portfolio has been fundamental to driving the transformation of the learning landscape.

Dr. Susan Wilcox

Susan Wilcox specializes in the field of adult and higher education, focusing on emancipatory education and transformative learning, learner-directed inquiry, the scholarship of postsecondary teaching, and continuing professional education.  Dr. Wilcox was with the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen's University from 1992 until 2008. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Gender Studies and the Faculty of Education at Queen's.