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5th Annual Canadian Learning Commons Conference

A Journey in Progress: Been There!  Done That! What's Next!

June 16-18, 2010 in Kingston, Ontario

The Queen’s Learning Commons is delighted to host the 5th annual Canadian Learning Commons Conference at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, June 16-18, 2010.  As we approach our own 5th anniversary, we’re looking forward to greeting colleagues from near and far, facilitating a great exchange of knowledge and thinking about “what’s next.”

The conference will include speakers from all over North America and will cover a wide range of topics, all of which are important for the learning commons of today and the future. The pre-conference workshop will engage participants in considering how to plan for that future, with planning consultant Roger Billings. The planning theme continues in the first conference session, with a Learning Commons café that will draw on your collective wisdom to address some essential questions relating to past and future academic programs. Throughout the conference there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion with colleagues and many excellent sessions. Then we’ll wrap up with another look to the future with Jesse Hirsh, CBC Radio correspondent.


The Queen’s Learning Commons Executive

Doug Babington (Director, Writing Centre), Mike Condra (Director, Health, Counselling & Disability Services), Sean Reynolds (Chief Information Officer), Martha Whitehead (Associate University Librarian), Paul Wiens (University Librarian)