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Learning Outcomes Project
Learning Outcomes Project


Team-Q was developed for self and peer assessment of individual's teamwork skills. It is designed for undergraduate education as a practical method for assessing teamwork learning outcomes. An overview of the development is provided here (.pdf 2.1MB), or the full paper is available "Assessing Teamwork in Undergraduate Education". The following describes teamwork behaviors and a frequency based assessment scale. Student's report on a five point scale how often their peers (and self) demonstrate each of the behaviors (link for version with scale included at bottom of page).

to Team
1.  Participates actively and accepts a fair share of the group work
2.  Works skillfully on assigned tasks and completes them on time
3.  Gives timely, constructive feedback to team members, in the appropriate format
of Others
4.  Communicates actively and constructively
5.  Encourages all perspective be considered and acknowledges contributions of others
6.  Constructively builds on contributions of others and integrates own work with work of others
Planning and
7.  Takes on an appropriate role in group (e.g. leader, note taker)
8.  Clarifies goals and plans the project
9.  Reports to team on progress
Fosters a
Team Climate
10. Ensures consistency between words, tone, facial expression and body language
11. Expresses positivity and optimism about team members and project
12. Displays appropriate assertiveness: neither dominating, submissive, nor passive aggressive
13. Contributes appropriately to healthy debate
14. Responds to and manages direct/indirect conflict constructively and effectively

*suggested additional item:

15.Write one specific, actionable goal to help your teammate improve their teamwork competency

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